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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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more time, more fic, more sleep
children of dune - leto 1
Child was sick today, so stayed home to ply him with maternal warmth. Maternal warmth, in these terms, translates into season five Buffy, since Child has decided that THIS is the girl he wants to marry. She fights evil snakes, you see. Earlier this week, we mainlined Season one and four, since I don't have two and three. He's been pretty much blissed, variating with season two Farscape, which we are rationing out and will probably watch until Christmas.

More recs, because this is a workday I'm skipping and I have nothing to do.

Bullets by the Door by nifra_idril, the most beautiful, wonderful look at John in Afghanistan I have ever read. It's--wow, it's just *gorgeous*, the style and the language and *bliss*. I always forget how I just want to purr when I read something by her.

Sum by billetallent, a tactile exploration of John and Rodney's relationship. It's warm and sweet and kind of leaves a glow after, you know?

Supplemental by lierdumoa, and it just *kills me*. Rodney and John arguing, Calculus, Teyla's amusement, and God. So much *fun*.

For All Intents and Porpoises by laceymcbain, in which there is an *aquarium*, and it's so--I don't know the words. But it's sweet.

Seriously, I am all about the cuddly these days.

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Just so long as maternal warmth doesn't translate into "watching Epiphany".

I do trust Child though. *contemplates*

I am resisting temptation. I am *so resisting* temptation.

*breathes and bravely does not look at the torrent waiting for me*

If you break, you'll tell me, won't you? Because then I...get to watch too.

You know. I remember suddenly that I said that we must watch this together when we thought it'd be, like on cable. And that I'd have cable.

This is kinda weirdly cruel to us both. But I can totally do this. I--will confess that I checked out the download for all of two seconds. TO MAKE SURE IT WORKED PROPERLY, mind you. So if you need to...check and make sure it works, I won't consider that cheating.


No. No I *haven't*. Because I am *strong*. And I'm going to wait, because I said I would and I am strong. If you feel the need to break our date, well then.

*feeling very, very smug*

I will not be the one to be breaking our date. I just had this incredibly generous and kind moment of *pitying* you, because here I am on campus, nice and safely away from all this temptation, and I'm picturing poor you, at home, waiting for Child to pass out, fingers knowing Epiphany is three clicks away.

And it was just pity.

Last time I try and be nice to you, missy. I shall see you later with VIRGINAL EYES.

Also, this guy was just in the store on campus and he comes running in, almost smacks into me and this other girl, rips a pack of condoms off the shelf, tears open the box, pulls out two, tosses the rest back onto the shelf, *runs out of the STORE with them* and yells to the clerk, "I swear to God, I'll be back in a couple hours to pay for these!", leaving me, the other girl, and the clerk to just about die laughing.

...and the sad thing is, the only thing we wanted to know was why didn't he just take the whole damn pack? Why'd he bother to rip it open and just take two?

*eyes you* Oh. Please. You were *so* looking for an excuse to watch early! Go on! Go ahead! I can do it all alone. I don't need pity. You just--*waves hands, dismissively*--just go ahead.

It will be *better* for the waiting. Oh yes, it will be.

I was *not*! I just didn't want to be the only one of us (like a trusting...yahoo!) sitting down, all fresh eyed, and then with you saying "Oh, this part, it was awesome! I...mean. I can feel with my psychicness that it will be awesome." Then with me with the crying.

It's a legitimate concern! I want a level playing field! If I'm going to be stuck on my first-watching, surface OH MY GOD I LOVE YOU JOHN thoughts, I don't want you able to think--deeply!

*sulks* I'm going for food. And then I'm going to do homework. And then I'm going to come online and there will be WATCHING AND DATE-NESS.

You're so going to take all of this cuddly sweetness out on me by writing traumatic deathfic, aren't you?

Well, not until *now*...

Now there is *temptation*.

Thanks so much for the rec! *G* I'm apparently all about the sweet and happy these days too.

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