Seperis (seperis) wrote,

now this is a good evening

Okay, we'll go with a *wow*.

A Different Perspective by vylit, which wins for the hottest thing I've read in--I have no idea how long, that's how many neurons sacrificed their lives for me to be able to say guh. Double pov Rodney and John, did I mention the exceeding hotness, and ohmygod characterization. This is the reason I am willing to defend the artistic value of smut and the pwp. Right here.


Sliding Scale by trinityofone, in which is just the funniest disasterous threesome ever. Cause John subtly pouting is the cutest thing ever.

And also.

What You Might Call Obvious by giddygeek, her style is almost *patented* by now, and I love love love how she writes John and Rodney. It starts with a subject that Rodney's obviously been spendign far too much time on--I swear I expected a powerpoint presentation--and it only gets better.
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