Seperis (seperis) wrote,

deep fangirl thoughts


How believable is Sheppard/Lorne?

*chews on nails thoughtfully*

I mean, this is purely my aesthetics speaking here. I just *coo*. That or that unnamed Canadian pretty with the lips. Yes, *that one*. But yelling out Unnamed SGC Flunkie in a moment of passion won't work, so....

I am having Deep Thoughts today, as you can see.

BTW: Tara! GOT YOUR VOICE MESSAGE! Okay, a *week late*, but my PHONE WAS MISSING. And no one ever calls me, like, ever. But message! It was very exciting.

ADDED: 3:26 PM: Found by brilliant, beautiful, beloved lscbanana -- Disco Fever, Sheppard/Lorne. Oooh boy. Hot. And not a little scary, with the disco. But still. Hot. That can forgive even gold medallions and iridescent blue shirts.
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