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deep fangirl thoughts
children of dune - leto 1

How believable is Sheppard/Lorne?

*chews on nails thoughtfully*

I mean, this is purely my aesthetics speaking here. I just *coo*. That or that unnamed Canadian pretty with the lips. Yes, *that one*. But yelling out Unnamed SGC Flunkie in a moment of passion won't work, so....

I am having Deep Thoughts today, as you can see.

BTW: Tara! GOT YOUR VOICE MESSAGE! Okay, a *week late*, but my PHONE WAS MISSING. And no one ever calls me, like, ever. But message! It was very exciting.

ADDED: 3:26 PM: Found by brilliant, beautiful, beloved lscbanana -- Disco Fever, Sheppard/Lorne. Oooh boy. Hot. And not a little scary, with the disco. But still. Hot. That can forgive even gold medallions and iridescent blue shirts.

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Oh, hey. Hello. Unrelated to anything, I wrote you--well, not porn, but words of not-quite-porn. But LJ still isn't sending e-mail notifications to my own account, I see, so you probably didn't get it yet. And since the whole point was to amuse you now instead of three weeks from now...er, here it is.

(My point in posting here being that you're probably checking for comments on recent posts and not old ones, you know? ... Right. Maybe this didn't need to be said. But I'm one of those people who feel the need to explain myself in detail. Shut up!)

*this is the spectacle of anna fangirling idiotically*

How believable is Sheppard/Lorne?

Believable, I suppose, but nowhere near as amusing as Lorne/McKay.

And I'd love to see Rodney's reaction to Sheppard/Unnamed Canadian Pretty with the Lips. *eg*

It'd be hard. As they would have to go through a lot of Unnamed Pretty Personnel #1 #2 #3 before getting to him.


Chuck! Who is, serendiptously enough, Hewlett's stand-in. Though of course, Unnamed Canadian Pretty with the Lips is a much more interesting name.

Personally, I'd love to see some McKay/UCPwtL. Aside from the weirdness factor oc UCPwtL being his stand-in, the Canadian characters have got to stick together, eh.

*shakes Lorne/McKay pom-poms*

Sheppard/Lorne feels a little weird, because of the chain of command thing. But yeah, they're pretty. Hm.

Pretty. I mean, so *pretty*.

It's kind of mind-bogglingly pretty. Especially with sweat and hot after a fight.

*sighs dreamily*

Lorne can be used anywhere, with any*one* as far as I'm concerned. He's like an Universal Widget, you can fit him anywhere!

My personal opinion is that Sheppard wouldn't become sexually involved with military people under his command. Which also lets out Ford. Sheppard has a more equal relationship with McKay, in that both of them have areas of expertise where they defer to the other, but Lorne and Ford and Bates (say) all have to obey John's orders. I think that he'd have absorbed enough of the military ethos to find that abhorent.

If you were going to do it, I think it'd have to be under duress or while captured or something. Not just a random hook-up in the Atlantis halls.

Again, it's totally my aesthetics. I know the logical reasons it could not happen, but gah. I keep wanting to just--I don't know. I never could see Sheppard and Ford, and Ford was *hot*, so....hmm.

For one heartstopping moment I thought you meant Lorne from Angel.


But you meant Lorne from SGA, so all is good. ^_^


I still have that problem sometimes, reading fic. "Wait, Lorne's in Atlantis? Why? No, don't let him handle a firearm!"

Old fandoms...it's so hard to let go...

It does exist! albeit it is *highly wacky,* but that's a plus for *me,* so.

my opinion: almost completely impossible, ridiculously hot so I don't CARE. mmmm, Leppard.

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