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rush redux, two questions
children of dune - leto 1
Two 'what the hell' moments.

1. WHEN did the Kents win the lottery and become solvent again? I'm curious.

And from Caro and Bethy in chat....

2. Um. What happened with LexCorp?

I mean, I'd hate for actual continuity points to come between the writers and the storyline or anything. But still. Annnytime they feel like answering those questions? Would love it.

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2. Um. What happened with LexCorp?

Apparently, despite the fact that his company has been taken over and he's basically out of a job until the writers tell us otherwise, he's got all this extra cash lying around to fund the study into the caves.

I was under the impression that LexCorp shares were purchased by Lionel, and LexCorp itself was absorbed into LuthorCorp. Therefore, it would seem that Lex, as well as all other former LexCorp employees, are once again employees of LuthorCorp, assuming Lionel doesn't let them all go.

This is my interpretation of the events that were discussed in Suspect.

Ok, now considering I didn't actually get to watch the end of that ep (*sniff*) and all my info is from others, didn't Lex walk away from Lionel? I didn't think he was still working for him. But I could be wrong. It happens, um...all the time. *g*

Well, yes, Lex walked away from Lionel, rattling off his usual about not being under his thumb, or some such thing (I was distracted by The Sexy), but Lionel made it clear that he was not giving up on Lex.

Hence Dominic being so royally pissed at The Bastard... Lionel basically said Lex was gonna be second in command, eventually, because he was family, and Dom didn't take to kindly to that.

1. WHEN did the Kents win the lottery and become solvent again? I'm curious.

I think it's just that Martha's been working for Lionel so long, the money has built up, they've been slowly paying off their debts one by one, and they're not in trouble any more.

Plus, if I were Lionel, I'd have given Martha a huge hazard-pay bonus for the events of Insurgence. And maybe a raise to get her to come back to work after Suspect. Just hypothesizing.

Oh my god, Livia. That icon! I've giggled for ten minutes straight!

That mouse looks like Clark to me. I don't know why.


And now? He will forever be Clark!Mouse to me, too.

I think it's the red helmet. And the coy little smile, as if to say "Rift? What rif--" *SNAP*

Oh my god! You're killing me here!

Hehehehe! Take that, Clark!Mouse!

LexCorp won the contract for the preservation of the caves at the end of "Skinwalker" -- I recall this because the improbability of it all made my head hurt for, like, a day.

I presumed, after last week, that it was a plot point to put the caves back under Lionel's control -- although, you know, it was still land he owned! -- but apparently not entirely.

I have these questions plus one more:
Whatever happened to Helen? Just, you know, out of curiosity? Did she notice that that was the most foced scenes ever at the end of Visage and just let Lex go? Despite my love for the Clex, I feel bad for him.

My thought is that Lex is still working for his father, not yet having decided exactly how to make his break. Still, I wonder where he gets his money from. His Dad's bank accounts? His salary? His trust funds? Various investments he makes on the side that we don't hear about? Obviously, we are not supposed to worry about this.

I guessed, and this was a pure guess since no one ever said anything about Martha still having a job, that she was promoted and now has a nice big paycheck. (shrug) Or maybe corn prices skyrocketed? I don't know.


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