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While I'm sitting here, begging svmadelyn for fic and thinking of my future as a necrophiliacal bestaility fister (how do you turn bestiality into an adjective anyway? For turkeys! I mean, it's not like I do it every day! Only special holidays!), I thought, I could make my life easier for the next time I update and rec fic.

Experiment by resonant8 - her shorter stories like this just kill me. I keep forgetting if I recommended Thirst, because that one blew me out of the water--heh, pun intended--but like that one and Quiet are so intense, so *focused*, it's like seventy-two percent dark chocolate hitting all at once in a single bite. She gives really fabulous Rodney.

Defining the Fall by heyheyrenay - let me say whoa and whoa again. Oh wow. Non-linear, almsot stream of consciousness, beautiful Rodney here. The style was *breathtaking* and I'm a whore for style. That worked. Really well.

If It Must Break by slodwick - when I say that SGA sometimes feels like Smallville Reunion, she's one of the ones I'm thinking of and missed so much. This one is so *good*--the use of pov, the sharp, almost frantic pace, the beautiful look in Sheppard's head. She does marvelous things. Marvelous.

The Perfect in Imperfection by vylit - all the different possibilities of a single first kiss. It's wonderful. I mean, seriously wonderful.

Something Wicked by trinityofone - oh *wow*. If you like Bradbury, you will seriously *love* this. And with a hundred percent less purple prose and lovely, lovely, *lovely* Rodney.

You know, I need something to do that does not involve domestic livestock.
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