Seperis (seperis) wrote,

oh those late night questions

seperis: Hey I have a logistics question.
Jenn: If Rodney's kneeling licking John's stomach?
Jenn: Where is John's cock going to be touching
Jenn: Oh look.
Jenn: Question five thousand and one I never thought I'd ever need to ask.
svmadelyn: Well. Just how generously are you going to endow John, is the question.
Jenn: Normal about.
Madelyn: Answer five thousand and one I never thought I'd have to give.
Jenn: Neck or chest?
svmadelyn: Hmm. Chest.

Tbis conversation could only happen in fandom.

Have I mentioned how much I love fangirls and fandom in general? Cause I need to do that more often.
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