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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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oh those late night questions
children of dune - leto 1
seperis: Hey I have a logistics question.
Jenn: If Rodney's kneeling licking John's stomach?
Jenn: Where is John's cock going to be touching
Jenn: Oh look.
Jenn: Question five thousand and one I never thought I'd ever need to ask.
svmadelyn: Well. Just how generously are you going to endow John, is the question.
Jenn: Normal about.
Madelyn: Answer five thousand and one I never thought I'd have to give.
Jenn: Neck or chest?
svmadelyn: Hmm. Chest.

Tbis conversation could only happen in fandom.

Have I mentioned how much I love fangirls and fandom in general? Cause I need to do that more often.

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I've press-ganged con roommates into re-enacting scenes with me to make sure they're physically possible. Fandom is indeed a wondrous place. *g*

Hee. I've done that.

Mind you, I also (ab)use my pillow on a regular basis to test if someone really can slide their back down a wall without hurting, and where your arms and legs really do fall.

Where in the world is.....

What a great question and what a great image! But - seriously. Wouldn't it depend on where Rodney is? Is he kneeling between John's legs or is he straddling one of John's thighs? Is John semi hard or fully hard? Really, ladies - one must have all the relevant information before attempting to answer a question of such importance.
And John is just normal? NO WAAAAAYYYYYY.....

Re: Where in the world is.....

Ditto on what the questions you asked *G*

Fandom's very good that way. Especially when my partner starts getting suspicious and asking whether I'm using him as a guinea pig for something I'm writing. *g*

depends how low on the stomach, really

the under curve, below the tiny bit of belly he has? Just at the edge of the pubic hair?



that linger on till morning...

*does complicated mental calculations*

Wouldn't it depend on what part of the stomach? Seems like 'it' would be touching just under Rodney's chin or maybe just at the top of his breastbone. Unless Rodney has a longer neck than...uh...cough...yes, anyway...

I so love this fandom... :)

above the bellybutton = neck or chest.
below the bellybutton = neck or chin.

Mmmm, visuals... I think it should be nestled in right at the base of Rodney's throat, and you can adjust the depth of Rodney's crouch/sprawl from there. *g*

and may I add a second...ummmmmm fandom to this mix? Because..well....the thoughts of position, placement and size have kept me very happy for the last 12 (?) hours.

Website for possible inspiration

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