Seperis (seperis) wrote,

stuff and fic

Went to see GOF last night, which was bright and pretty and like whoa, making me happy.

Also making me happy? That the horror of LJ Whiteout did *not last long*. Cause omg, just the *knowledge* it was down made me think of a hundred things I had to do *right now*.

It was very tragic.

In Shades of Indigo and Violet by out_there - oh wow. See, it's one of those *things*. Where you totally say, no, but then you read it and say yes yes yes. And yes again. John/Rodney, with colors and fairy dust and *so not kidding*. Seriously. Trust me. Good stuff.

Mutability Part 2 by lierdumoa - the continuing adventures of Girl!Rodney, John, dibs, and oh dear God, *hot*. You've got to love Lier. She brings the porn big time. And pretty, gender-bendery porn at that.

Bell Curve 7/10 by rageprufrock - it worries me. It's so--they're all *happy*. And we all know Pru. Yeah. But oh, God, pretty. They are just so pretty and happy.

Quiet by resonant8 - exhibitionism and sex and too much thinking. I love Rodney like this, with his mind always moving.

Love Me Not by astolat - It's like--you know what? I have no words. But honestly, when you can be bribed with chocolate for inappropriate touching? I'm just saying, at that point, you might want to question your sexual orientation a little. That was *fun*.

Visiting Hours by lilysaid - it's a really, really unique take on the isolation thing, and she went places I kind of expected in ways I totally did not. A nicely mid length read, too. Seriously, read it.

And because, well, it's 3jane

This is not my thing. Threesomes, as a pretty inflexible rule, don't work for me, though there are a couple of exceptions. This is my exception.

Blood in Old Snow by 3jane and mimisere - Ronon/John/Teyla, working out, and Christ. That's enough to raise the temperature a few degrees.
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