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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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stuff and fic
children of dune - leto 1
Went to see GOF last night, which was bright and pretty and like whoa, making me happy.

Also making me happy? That the horror of LJ Whiteout did *not last long*. Cause omg, just the *knowledge* it was down made me think of a hundred things I had to do *right now*.

It was very tragic.

In Shades of Indigo and Violet by out_there - oh wow. See, it's one of those *things*. Where you totally say, no, but then you read it and say yes yes yes. And yes again. John/Rodney, with colors and fairy dust and *so not kidding*. Seriously. Trust me. Good stuff.

Mutability Part 2 by lierdumoa - the continuing adventures of Girl!Rodney, John, dibs, and oh dear God, *hot*. You've got to love Lier. She brings the porn big time. And pretty, gender-bendery porn at that.

Bell Curve 7/10 by rageprufrock - it worries me. It's so--they're all *happy*. And we all know Pru. Yeah. But oh, God, pretty. They are just so pretty and happy.

Quiet by resonant8 - exhibitionism and sex and too much thinking. I love Rodney like this, with his mind always moving.

Love Me Not by astolat - It's like--you know what? I have no words. But honestly, when you can be bribed with chocolate for inappropriate touching? I'm just saying, at that point, you might want to question your sexual orientation a little. That was *fun*.

Visiting Hours by lilysaid - it's a really, really unique take on the isolation thing, and she went places I kind of expected in ways I totally did not. A nicely mid length read, too. Seriously, read it.

And because, well, it's 3jane

This is not my thing. Threesomes, as a pretty inflexible rule, don't work for me, though there are a couple of exceptions. This is my exception.

Blood in Old Snow by 3jane and mimisere - Ronon/John/Teyla, working out, and Christ. That's enough to raise the temperature a few degrees.

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There was a white-out? I'm so glad this is one of those times when I sleep through things. ...er, what is a white-out anyway?

You've made the definitive recs of the moment. You are a divine creature, possibly winged.

There is nothing that makes my heart sing more than discovering stories by writers I adore that I have inexplicably missed. THANK YOU!


*runs off to read the others*

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