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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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the fangirls of destiny have returned
children of dune - leto 1
Well, this fangirl of destiny is, and the others are either home or will be soon. And Christ, am I tired.

Quick notes:

Carrie - I need your email address to send you Landscape. Or do you want it through LJ email?

Lierdumoa - read it, loved it, am editing it now. Give me tonight?

At Large - did anyone happen to find my moose?

My first thought was to do the blind item report of Many Moments of Amusement That Strictly Prohibit the Naming of Names, but tired. Jesus, tired. Also, in a turn of events astounding in its sheer weirdness, my Seattle to Dallas plane arrived like, *thirty minutes early*. Our gate wans't even ready. That was surreal.

I am still nursing a bitterness toward large, open bodies of water that hasn't diminished. Right now, looking askance at bathtub.

Other than that.

Oh my God, that was *amazing*.


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Yay! Glad to see you made it back okay!

Welcome back! Did you bring presents?

I was viciously pimped into the addiction that is Dr. Who, reminded how pretty Clark is, watched so many vids my eyes gave out, and got wildly, wildly drunk on Saturday night. Pretty much the best weekend I've had in years.

I love fangirls so much it hurts. I *miss* them.

I was viciously pimped into the addiction that is Dr. Who



hey, amandajane5 found a moose in the back of her van when she returned it. she just took it with her, 'cause she was like, "yay, bonus moose!" i'm guessing that was yours.

Awesome. A fangirl inherited it! As it should be. It is now the widely travelled moose, the wilds of a Minnesota mall to an Austin house to a Seattle hotel room to a Vancouver hotel and van. Perhaps a heritage moose, handed from fangirl from fangirl over the centuries.


The scary part is, I can *see this happening*.

And it is now safely residing in the wilds of Northern Virginia - I'll send it along to you with the Arrested Development discs, which I totally never pimped to you, but I know you wanted anyway - just as soon as nevermind98 and I have finished watching the extras.

The moose was great company in the airport. I made it do flips!

yay! and also, do you still have my Jake 2.0 discs?

Welcome back ^_^ Glad you had a good time!

I was viciously pimped into the addiction that is Dr. Who

'bout time. *dances*

glad you all had such a fantastic time

Landscape! Does that mean Lex survived the brain kaput? (also welcome back am so sad I missed the fun)

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