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sgaficlet: catch your breath, sga, epilogue to something more
children of dune - leto 1
For the what happened next meme, flaming_muse asked for what happened after Something More. So I--snippeted. But you know, feel free to elaborate to the later incredibly incendiary hot sex that happened *right after*. Or ignore it altogether.

Catch Your Breath

When John steps through the wormhole, everything changes.

Rodney remembers this, remembers those times John would light up like this, rare and precious, stored memories that three years didn't dim, never faded, taken out and touched on the rarest nights, when he'd wander his city and feel its loss like his own.

That restless, endless *anger*, something eternally missing, the discoveries that he couldn't share, the worlds that he couldn't see, the universe he'd touched and lost. The city hums around him and he's waking up with it, the buzz of adrenaline and hope and sheer, unrelenting *relief*.

This is Atlantis, Rodney thinks, watching John in the middle of the mess, civilian uniform as a civilian contractor, surrounded by scientists and military alike, Elizabeth and Teyla and Ronon, old friends, acquaintances, survivors who never forgot him, would never have him go, won't ever let him go again. It's like discovery all over again, fresh and shocky, like being high, too bright and too intense, like waking up on Saturday, but better, because John's all the Saturdays in the world rolled into one.

Like they've all been waiting, grieving for what they missed, now rejoicing in its return.

When John looks at him, sun bright and alive like no one Rodney's ever met, Rodney forgets to breathe.

"What?" John says, the dying Atlantean sun behind him like an orange-red halo, too desperately, ridiculously romantic for words to describe.

Before Rodney reaches for him, pulls him into a kiss that silences the room, touches him like they're alone, he realizes.

This is how you fall in love.

I'm glad Rodney's got his breath, because mine's gone and I can can do is *sigh* with contentment.

That was absolutely beautiful.

*Grins* Thank you. It's--happy. This is what the buzz of post-tooth-extraction narcotics do to me.

man, I bet the return-to-Atlantis sex would be fiery hot like the sun. you are the best.

God, it probably lasted a couple of *days*. Altantis would randomly short out the radios so they couldn't be disturbed. *G*

Oh, wow. *happy sighs*

Thanks, sweetie. *hugs*

Amazing and really beautiful, i feel like im in Atlantis witnessing Atlantis welcoming back John:)

Oh God. Deep heartfelt sigh. This is a beautiful epilogue to one of my favorite SGA stories ever. You break my heart in a good way.


Thank you so much! I'm just feeling so desperately sappy it's sad. Like, John reciting *poetry* to Rodney (who would melt inside but totally mock it on the outside). *shakes head*

Then what happened? *heh* Perfect ending to a perfect story - which sounds like a throw-away line but I really enjoyed 'Something More'. :)

Thank you. *Hugs*

And you konw, feel free to create your own porn after that. Cause they had a *lot* of sex.

Thank you. Today might actually turn out OK.

*has melted into a happy, happy goo*

This is so sweet, and a wonderful continuation to Something More. I loved it!

*is still a happy, happy goo*

I was *definitely* going for the sap.



Yeah. Like that.

Yeah, this was pretty much just what I was thinking of. *g* Thanks!

This is how you fall in love.


Omg, Something More was gorgeous and intense and so, so lush with atmosphere. I loved the way it ended but seeing this little glimpse of John being back home is just perfect. I love the image of Atlantis recognizing John and everything just being right again. Thank you.

Far too short, but great nevertheless!

Thanks for sharing.