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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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things done
children of dune - leto 1
It took two hours for them to do things to three of my teeth--one extraction, one fitting for temp bridge--and my god is everything sore. I'm not as stoned as I plan on being later, because of Slumberparty stuff, so if yo'ure going adn you have questions, you have six hour window tonight to ask me before I give up rationality until I get off the plane in Seattle. Then you just get Madelyn, who is better at all this anyway.

I must have looked bad, cause Dad gave me one of his Vicadin when I got up from a weird sleep--the kind you usually have when you have a fever, sweaty and deep and not rested at all. I'm high, so none of the rest of this entry can be counted against me.

Now--and this will sound weird--but the longer I'm in a fandom, the more I adopt the superficial physical gestures or sayings of my characters. It didn't happen as much in SV, as neither Lex nor Clark really had *any* distinctive chracteristics like that, but in X-Men, I got into the horrible habit of calling everyone sugar and darling when texting--it's not in my *spoken*, but in my text, I suppose because of the fact that I was *writing* it, though it could be also because it's just fun. The last week, my hands were grabbed twice and I was told firmly if I kept snapping my fingers at people, they were going to hurt me. A lot. And I hadn't even *noticed*, except that I was getting much better at snapping my fingers.

I find that endlessly funny. I suppose it's a product of immersion, but also of the fact that people in themselves interest me. A lot of it is the same reason I loved psychology so much--the variation in people never ceases to fascinate me, the best of them and the worst. I actually generally *like* almost everyone I meet. It takes an effort to get my dislike, and it takes a *lot* to bring it to the point where I can't stand them at all. I don't really carry grudges, though I always remember, and in general, my pissiness with anyone lasts only as long as it takes them to talk to me again, and then I get the hell over it. It's just not in me to look for more to be unhappy than I get normally from life.

Hmm. me and my vicadin are going to relax a bit. I want to see if I can finish the first part of this thing before we leave for Seattle.

I need something new to write. Hmm.

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I do this as well sometimes, especially if it's a book series or a TV show that I'm really into. I'll immerse myself into it so far that I'll start picking up tendencies of the characters. When I was watching SG-1 I started picking up a lot of Jask-isms and saying things like "Indeed" a lot. I think most people get used to it after a while.

Heh. . . so, picking up any other McKay tendencies?

I do the finger-snap as well. But I figure in the scheme of things, there are thousands of other habits I could pick up from Rodney that would be worse.

It's not the physical movements so much (though I have recently found my hands and posture doing some familiar movements) but the *dialogue*.

Every so often my sister stops me and asks if my name is actually Rodney McKay.

But since I don't write fic unless I can hear the characters, I suppose this makes some modicrum of sense.

Back in my HP days I had to be careful with my Snape voice, he's far more vicious than Rodney on a lot of levels. His insults have a different tone to them and his idioms far more telling. I *still* say 'bloody hell'.

Oddly, it's only happened with the most sarcastic of characters, *looks shifty* years ago my dad, unprompted bought me a sweatshirt that said "SARCASM, just another service I offer."

Hrrm. *ponders*

Oh, your poor mouth. *sympathizes a lot*

I pick up characteristics, too, like John Crichton's thumb-at-his-lip, or Teal'c saying "Indeed."

Have fun, fun, fun at the Slumberfest!

I hope you feel better! Vicodin is good stuff.

I don't necessarily pick up mannerisms, but if I've read someone with a distinctive writing style I've been known to fall into that rhythm. And I pick up accents with frightening ease.


THANK YOU for the fantastic review you did of Something More. I'm so sorry--I've been trying to answer and catch up on all my email and everythign else and I'm sorry to say that even though i've read it like, *six times*, I forgot to email you. So thank you so much. That was an extremely, *extremely* thoughtful critique and I enjoyed every second of it. And learned something new about procedure as well. I feel like it *should* have occurred to me that with a project like Stargate, that would be the case, but I glazed right over it while writing. I also thoroughly enjoyed the commentary in the cuttingboard post. I'ts been--God, not since really early SV that anyoen's done a critical commentayr like that on one of my fics, so it was kind fo exciting. And educational.

*hugs* Again, I'm sorry for not responding immediately with the squee. That was amazing of you and I appreciate it a lot.

I totally understand about the catching up thing - the one story that got loads of comments took me ages to reply. Plus, teeth woes! I remember sending you feedback about Handful of Dust (back in the day - my first fanfic fandom!) that was essentially "you lost me when Clark captured Lex" and having a really good discussion of the story with you, so I figured you'd be cool with it. One reason I mentioned the security stuff was so that people would at least be aware of it - I'm so steeped in the miltary culture that it's second nature to me, but if you've never been around the federal government you wouldn't think of it.

That is very interesting, possibly moreso because I *very strongly* associate you with Rogue.

Oh! I totally know what you mean about adopting mannerisms of a fandom - when I was reading popslash (specifically Nsync stuff), I started saying y'all all the time. And trust me, you cannot say that with an Australian accent and NOT have people laugh in your face *g*

Hope you feel better ^_^

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