Seperis (seperis) wrote,

things done

It took two hours for them to do things to three of my teeth--one extraction, one fitting for temp bridge--and my god is everything sore. I'm not as stoned as I plan on being later, because of Slumberparty stuff, so if yo'ure going adn you have questions, you have six hour window tonight to ask me before I give up rationality until I get off the plane in Seattle. Then you just get Madelyn, who is better at all this anyway.

I must have looked bad, cause Dad gave me one of his Vicadin when I got up from a weird sleep--the kind you usually have when you have a fever, sweaty and deep and not rested at all. I'm high, so none of the rest of this entry can be counted against me.

Now--and this will sound weird--but the longer I'm in a fandom, the more I adopt the superficial physical gestures or sayings of my characters. It didn't happen as much in SV, as neither Lex nor Clark really had *any* distinctive chracteristics like that, but in X-Men, I got into the horrible habit of calling everyone sugar and darling when texting--it's not in my *spoken*, but in my text, I suppose because of the fact that I was *writing* it, though it could be also because it's just fun. The last week, my hands were grabbed twice and I was told firmly if I kept snapping my fingers at people, they were going to hurt me. A lot. And I hadn't even *noticed*, except that I was getting much better at snapping my fingers.

I find that endlessly funny. I suppose it's a product of immersion, but also of the fact that people in themselves interest me. A lot of it is the same reason I loved psychology so much--the variation in people never ceases to fascinate me, the best of them and the worst. I actually generally *like* almost everyone I meet. It takes an effort to get my dislike, and it takes a *lot* to bring it to the point where I can't stand them at all. I don't really carry grudges, though I always remember, and in general, my pissiness with anyone lasts only as long as it takes them to talk to me again, and then I get the hell over it. It's just not in me to look for more to be unhappy than I get normally from life.

Hmm. me and my vicadin are going to relax a bit. I want to see if I can finish the first part of this thing before we leave for Seattle.

I need something new to write. Hmm.
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