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amireal et al and meme

We're just goign to up and call this amireal day. Two stories, both rib-breakingly funny.

Coping Mechanisms, a fantastic AUish departure from post-Duet. It starts with a bang, which always pleases, and it carries on with fantastic humor. I think my favorite part of Amireal is she *does* have a sense of humor and it shows through in all her fic. She totally knows how to make me giggle in a serious story in all the right ways. Nicely long--really, she's becoming a favorite, it's like I'm guaranteed at least an hour of immersion. I'm easy like that.


Where Did All the Physics Go?, which is one of those times I'm calling down a Required Reading Moment, because pretty much everyone needs to read this. It's a crossover, and I rarely like crossovers, and it's an *insane* crossover that doesn't work at all, but it just *does*, and Sheppard's ears have their own character moment, so not kidding. I'm not spoiling this--I read it completely without a clue what ti was crossing over and just--wow. It's *hysterical*, it's smart, it's funny, and oh my *God*, that was a blast.

No, seriously. It's *that good*.

I've been pretty steadily trying to think of updating my recs page, and I brought it up to semi-current, give or take about thirty storis that I couldn't find. So now that I'm no longer twitching over how many stories I've missed, I'll start actually telling people when I update.

Anyway, rec page, current enough for now, added about fifty-six stories to SGA, one Brother's Grimm. I'm pretty short on recs of *why*, but just take it for granted that these are ones I really, really loved, or really, really re-read a lot.


Last night talking to girlinthetrilby about a proposed expedition in Vancouver, she commented that she didn't get that I could almost memorize fanfic stories and not remember conversations. Which is probably pretty true. I remember maybe ten percent of what's said or texted to me in any meaningful way. I can, however, identify by plotline about three quarters of readable fic posted in SV before 2003 and my working memory of SGA is running at about seventy percent. It's kind of weird now that she said that, because I've always taken for granted I have a bad memory, but I've never had a problem with ultra complex stories and remembering them, or being able to organize them in my head by plotline and *remember* them. It's got to be some kind of weird associative memory thing going on. I'm just wondering how it's associated exactly, and why.

Oh yes, it was a long, boring day at work. I had way too much tiem to think.

Okay, that meme, finally.

Gakked from rageprufrock:

Ask me what happens after the end of any of my stories. (Or tell me what you think.)

The only ones I won't answer are the ones I'm actually currently working on, and only then because I'm scared I'll get a fit of nervousness and erase the whole thing.

I'm thinking that this meme has passed enough people now that it won't be very noticed here. *grins* I like doing my memes when they are Very, Very Old News.
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