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music help
children of dune - leto 1
The problem with music memory is that often times, I don't remember a song at all, except maybe a beat line and a quarter of a line of lyric. I know when I *hear* it--but mostly, no.

Which leads me to the interesting experience of buying an Erasure CD at Half-Price Books today. And a book, but that's not the important part. I knew that book was bad when I bought it. And the sad thing is, I knew the CD would be too. Well, to me. I'm sure they are great and all. Just their music is the equivalent of chalkboard scratching unless I'm dancing to it.

I don't like Erasure. I don't like Depeche Mode. I have extremely limited tolerance for all the pop-semi-techno family. By extremely limited, I mean, I'd better have *made out* to that music to like it, which explains not only my Cranberries fixation, but the fact that to this day, I can recite the lyrics to *every song* on their first album. Not that they're pop-techno-thing, but okay, off subject. The other day, svmadelyn got me Richard Marx's Oceans Apart, which I am admitting only because I'm kind of desperate here. That was my first *crush* song. His name was Trey, I was twelve, and that year, I discovered deep kissing, obsession with boys, and the mechanics of sex. I have a set of four tapes still, somewhere, that are all chock full of my early and mid teenage crush music. Oceans Apart I listen to without shame at all. Or with limited shame. Because *everyone* has one of those songs.

I can sing every lyric.

Anyway, my request, if you are a music memory person. This song mentions butterflies. It's by Erasure, Depeche Mode, or that family. It was created prior to 1996. It's perky as hell. The refrain has the butterly mention, I think. I have no other memory of that song except it had a really perky beat. For all I know, it's about a mass slaughter of butterflies, but I doubt it.

Seriously, I just bought an entire CD of music that makes me cringe. These are desperate times here.

ETA:Song mentinoed by svmadelyn and tigs, Erasure's Take Me Back, which Madleyn fetched for me. Wow. I remember the LYRICS now. I wont' traumatize anyone by sharing my associative memory with this one, but--seriously. I was strange at nineteen. Seriously strange.

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Is it possibly 'Take Me Back'? That is an Erasure song, on the 1994 album, "I say, I say, I say."

Lyrics here: http://display.lyrics.astraweb.com:2000/display.cgi?erasure..i_say_i_say_i_say..take_me_back

Hmm. BUTTERFLIES! Okay, that sounds promising.

*stares at it* How do you people *Do* that? It's like magic.

Well, I hope it's the right one! :)

I'm a music librarian, actually, so I get paid to try to answer questions like this. But mostly I just think it's fun--I really, really love my job. *G*

Madelyn sente it to me. Yes. Tha tis totally it.


Seriously, I just bought an entire CD of music that makes me cringe. These are desperate times here.

Which is why I no longer buy music that I don't desperately, desperately *need* and have already heard half of them. Generally, I rely on fannish generousity to come across new musical wonders.

It also makes me happy that my current Newest Musical Addition is a James Marsters CD, which is boppy and alt-rock-ish enough to make me smile.

It was recently brought to my attention that everyone, and I do mean everyone, I know of in my age bracket knows all the words to "Colors of the Wind." And this is in Australia, where things like scrambled eggs without milk, percolated coffee, and phrases such as "gag me with a spoon" just never appeared.
Just goes to show, we all have our rights of passage.

That, and the Fresh Prince of Bel Aire theme song. Try being in a crowd of 800,000 people in Philly screaming it along with Will Smith and not freaking out just a little.

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