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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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children of dune - leto 1
For the record:

I will never write from a prompt by rageprufrock again. This never, ever turns out well. Once, a long time ago, there was cute highness in the castle in Smallville adn it became a pornographic epic with grocery shopping and neither of us recovered from that one.

So. I'm saying it *right here*. Never again.

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Oh. That's ... sad.
I remember that epic to be very, very, very hot. Very. We loved it.


But--it was *supposed to be a short silly story about Lex beign high*. And then everything just--and there was *almost tons more*.

*still shocky*

Not that porn isn't fun, but that was just--whoa.

Thank you.

*breathes* After this? Never again. Ever, ever, ever.

ahahahah *points and laughs*

Oh, laugh it up. YOU KNOW HER! THERE IS EVIL IN THAT THERE BRAIN! Even innocent, normal prompts just *turn to the dark side* around her. It's like a weird, literary singularity in space or something.

*snickers* The world will be spared a lot of horror from me, trust me.

(Deleted comment)
You *so* do not wnat to see this thing. I have *no idea* what it thinks it is doing, and no one, and I repeat, *no one* is having any kind of sex. That's just sad.

(Deleted comment)
And I'll bet that's exactly what you said last time. :-)


But I *mean* it this time!

I remember the aftermath of This, Too. You left me holding our bastard child in the cold, bitch! I nursed it! I edited it! You were out having wild affairs with QaF!



Seriously, is she a fandom slut, or what?

Also, in case I forgot to mention, thanks for the Chinese t-shirt thing!



No, never?


Well... hardly ever.



neither of us recovered from that one.

*I'm* still recovering and all I did was read it. Longest porn evar.

but that porn err fic was so hot! *g* I'd love to read a collaboration no matter the fandom from you two! you guys rock and together.. guh.. *bg* so er please? lol

Oh, just let her spork your brain--please? Because I need more fic from you NOW.

(Okay, to be honest, I need more SGA fic from any great writer NOW but don't let that lessen the compliment, okay? Okay.)

*gives you DH and a dog*

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