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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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saturday was very very long
children of dune - leto 1
Everyone's covered the destruction of the Columbia, which has been--well, terrible. I remember Challenger. I think fourth grade, and it took forever for our teachers to get an explanation out that made sense to us.

God be with those who were lost and with those left behind.


Two icons, courtesey of thete1. My fanficboyfriend is Spike. For some reason, this sound really reasonable to me.

And...happy birthday penelope_z! Sorry, chica, I didn't really check LJ much, and this is late. *lovelovelove* Your stories make me think and your art is amazing. I'm so so glad to have met you and that you're playing in SV.


On my main LJ page, I actually added a link, thanks to pearlo, which will TELL me when birthdays are so I am, with any kind of decent luck, no longer late. Also, made a memories thingie, once the instructions were given to me in nice, plain English, so story snippets are somewhat organized. Oh happiness!

Let's see, what else....


Right. silviakundera, author of the tres fabulous Fanfiction Classics in a Minute (check out her LJ there for these wonders), sent me an absolutely gorgeous manip for Syzygy.

Can I point out please how absolutely AWED it makes me what people can do with Adobe? My GOD. I block up these days just thinking of the WORD Adobe.

by silviakundera:

*happy more*



Tell by rivkat I'm not sure, but I suspect Rivka's main reason for writing is to see how very, very much she can creep us out. Can't prove it or anything. I'm good with this. I encourage the creepiness. And the hurtness of Lex. As long as I can fix him in my head. *hugs Lex* She's GOOD. And it hurts. Poor woobie.

Childhood Dreams by mobiusklein Not in the usual hysterical-funny, but thoughtful and bittersweet and CLexy. I likes muchly.

After the Storm by Caro. I can't actually remember if I recced it or just imagined I did, but it certainly can't hurt to read it again. Beautiful Clark POV and a lovely story.


Places to Go

Spike on Fandom of Pain and Te on the same.

Te asks a cool question, though.

The Spike got me thinking about what I want from those shows, *and* what I want from those fandoms. And it goes all the way back to when I was a newbie in the X-Files fandom, absolutely gobsmacked by the presence of MSR types and noromos.

My attitude was, "Dude, you're pretty much getting this stuff *from the show*, why would you want more?"

Now, the people writing case files, I could understand. Because, wow! Exciting stuff! Maybe stuff that wouldn't get shown because it was too gruesome or intelligent. But... relationships that are either already onscreen or *will* be? (Maybe it's because I came in relatively late, but *I* never doubted that MSR would be onscreen. Fucking CC.)

Written in the same, happily-ever-after, fade-to-black, what the fuck happened to Scully's balls style?

What was the point?

I was in fandom for the what if, and I still am. To this day, 'missing scenes' bore me if they're written as well as they can be. (het, gen, or slash) To this day, I've yet to see a canonical relationship that I cared about enough to be truly fannish about it -- though Spuffy came pretty damned close.

Yet one more reason that the sheer existence of UCSL was once enough to make me want to strew flower petals and sing songs, and still makes me sigh happily.

I'm not saying that I don't want *any* romance on-screen -- though in my experience, a lot of writers *fuck it up*. I'm just saying that I like having room to play, and never understood people who wanted to color in the lines.

Or... who wanted to *only* color in the lines.

I can tell you why. *g*

It usually hits me after stuff like Insurgence or even Skinwalker. Or for that matter, when I was in movieverse reading Logan/Jean.

There's something absolutely comforting about falling in love with a pairing that you can be relatively sure isn't going to just rip you apart. This is a retrospective view, btw.

I started fanfic writing in very canon, episode extending, Paris/Torres het in ST: Voyager, and really, that's the least stressed I've been since. Also far less inspirational material sometimes, but--I never hit the levels I get in movieverse and not even close to what SV does to me on occasion. In both of the earlier fandoms, I had a main pairing that was my comfort zone, and I branched out from there when I felt like it. With Voyager, there was no real reason to believe P/T was breaking up anytime soon. With movieverse, I had a LOT of time before the next movie screwed up my universe. So. Levelness. It was a very real way to keep from being jossed, one, and two, very little worry about my pairing of choice becoming deadly enemies and depressing the hell out of me. Hell, Voyager's continuity was so bad I'm not entirely sure ANYONE could be seriously jossed up until the P/T wedding.

With that base, it made it very easy to play around with other pairings that I didn't have nearly as much an emotional investment in. Voyager, it was Paris/Seven, in movieverse, St. John/Bobby and a little Logan/Jean. I had my happy place, I was comfortable there, canon wasn't out to get me, so vive la multipairing joys and so forth.

Clark/Lex--it's very, very hard to write anything else, for me. And part of it is, yes, the show is never, ever, ever going to give me some nice, comforting, hot boys with apple-flavored oil sex. And I'm emotionally invested, which really, I should have known better, but on the other hand, Lex Luthor. Come on.

It's--not necessarily that anyone goes into fanfic thinking, I am going to write the pairing s/s because that's the canon one/non-canon one/cutest/het/slash/strange etc. Bethy once said she follows what hits her right, and that's pretty much how I do it. Clark/Lana had all the attraction of leftover school meatloaf, but even if it hadn't, Clark/Lex already had me. And this is from someone who has no actual talent for reading subtext whatsoever--I had to have it not only explained but demonstrated, and I spent a LOT of my first few weeks in the fandom finding out that Smallville's subtext is very atypical in its blatancy. It clicked for me, therefore, that's where I stayed.

Of course, now, I read slash into animation and OTP bizarre things, and wow, this is weird, but no matter.

I don't necessarily think that coloring inside the lines is limiting.

God, I suck at metaphors. Let me try to say this differently. To me, the limit's always been in the author who writes the stories, not the subject they choose to write about.

Wow, that was unexpectedly serious. I shall write jello smut now to clean my brain out.


The Spam Updates

I am NOT in need of a lonely housewife. I do not want a hovering anything. And if it involves the carnal uses of livestock? Not interested. Also? No, I do NOT want to eat pizza and lose weight. When I eat pizza, I want it to be fattening as hell. Thank you. Go away.

How to get this across to the people that keep spamming me is the question.


Weird Writing Moments

I know, everyone has this time, probably more than once, whereas they are innocently writing, say, a nice episode coda exercise, and then they look at it and think, huh, that's gone places it wasn't supposed to. On the order of asking for whipped cream and getting sour cream.

Or not. But I like bad and inappropriate metaphors.

You start off with a story idea. You start writing it and you write and you write and then your idea is somewhere in the next galaxy and what you have makes no sense whatsoever.

Yeah. That's how I'm feeling atm. Thank you pearl_o for your mockage of my annoyance with myself. As a single scene, the characterizations all feel about a full step off even loose canon, and I'm willing to admit I watch those boys through Jenn's Special CLex-Tinted Glasses. It just feels wrong, and I think I can figure out why, but it will be so complex.

And a thought to either destina or mz_bstone, whoever said Ice Age was slashy? I blame you for the fact when I watched it today, I was wondering if the other mammoths would accept the mixed marriage and if a stable threesome with a sabretooth tiger was reallly that bad an idea.


I'm doomed. Oh yeah. Handbasket annny day now.

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And a thought to either destina or brighidestone, whoever said Ice Age was slashy? I blame you for the fact when I watched it today, I was wondering if the other mammoths would accept the mixed marriage and if a stable threesome with a sabretooth tiger was reallly that bad an idea.

Whee! Spreading my evil cartoon corruption everywhere. (Not to mention the gay rhinos, who were incredibly cute.) *g*

*sticks out tongue*

There's nothing like watching with your small son and looking at them passing caves and thinking, they could all settle down together! Don't give the kid back!

Baad influence. *g* Thank you kindly.

ps the rhinos were SO gay. My dear God.

(Deleted comment)
*snickers hysterically*

The part where the sabretooth tiger asks if htey're adopting the kid? Ooh yeah. I was like, YES, they ARE!

So. Very. Sad. *sniffs*

Ah yes. Ye olde XF. I read M/S. I did. Some of it was very good. In many ways, they are a slash pairing. They work together, they call each other by their last names most of the time, and they angst over protecting each other.

I agree with Te here though, because I did not like XF babyfic. I would have been cool with it if it was like, parthogenetic and Mulder was just helping to take care of the baby, but Mulder and Scully together with a baby made them lose the qualities that made their characters and relationship special. They were supposed to be loners, both of them. They weren't supposed to have a family.

This is also why Buffy/Angel couldn't work long term. These people are supposed to be warriors, fighting to the death. They can have allies and fellow soldiers, but they can't have husbands and wives and babies, people who they choose to put in harm's way. It would be irresponsible. And lo and behold, Mulder and Scully can't keep their baby. Surprise surprise.

Spike/Buffy could never have children, and never would want to or get married. They were what Anya rightly would call "orgasm friends". More than that, while being involved they could still be warriors, like Riley and his wife. Angel and Buffy are different, because Angel wants to give Buffy a normal life, as does Buffy. Spike and Buffy don't really want the other to become normal. Buffy, however, eventually can't accept Spike.

More generally, on shows where character's lives aren't constantly threatened, characters become blander when they get involved with other characters. The usual chemistry between the characters is sublimated into purely romantic chemistry. And even if by some miracle the characters maintain authentic relationships when they get romantically involved, the writers have them start fighting over stupid things.

Heh. Yes. Funny slash overtones in Ice Age for sure. One of the few movies I'm pretty sure it was deliberate in too. I rented it for the scrat alone. Never let it be said that I don't appreciate slapstick.

it's all about homoerotic children's entertainment, baby

whoever said Ice Age was slashy? I blame you for the fact when I watched it today, I was wondering if the other mammoths would accept the mixed marriage and if a stable threesome with a sabretooth tiger was reallly that bad an idea.

You know what's also terribly slashy? Beauty And The Beast. The clock and the candlestick? Totally. In. Love. (I've actually seen a few fics for them come through RareSlash)

Oh, and Chicken Run! The rats are also TIL. And I've found a couple fics for them *too*. hee.


yeah, I mightamaybesorta said something like that.

and I was soooooooo right.

save me a spot near the hellfire. I'm bringing marshmallows.


*finally gets to check her lj*

Thanks honey, I am old and jaded now, you know.

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