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That John amnesia story, huh?

Okay, I have no idea how to close the poll like, on teh poll place, but let's say it's all done and I started another section on The Most Non-Linear Story I Have Ever Written, My God, What Was I Thinking?

So yeah. I'll organize it and clean it and create a *plot* and maybe a higher body count or something on it.

The Job Thing

I'll be working at the ombudsman's office, admin assistant III to the Manager, which is apparently, and this is news to me, is somewhat on teh order of a program manager, which I'm very, deeply excited about. Today, I got a nice email asking me for a bio to put in their weekly web newsletter--about me! And also had to go fill out stuff for security clearance, in that I get a door keycard. That felt *highly serious*.

Okay, what I didn't tell any of y'all was that the interview with him? Was the worst of the three I did--yes, worse than the poor lady forced to walk up four stories for me. I walked out of there thinking, my God, what on *earth* happened? And yet I got it, and I can be honest, of the three, this job looks the most interesting and the most challenging and the one in a higher paygroup and it looks fun. But there it is very quiet, which may mean for a while, my showtunes performances in the hall might have to be scaled back. Also, it's not a very big group, really. So hmmm.


Um, that about covers it.

Though it occurs to me that I haven't, in recent memory, been even the least bit offensive. Or discussionary. I've gotten into the habit of writing a post, pasting it to Word intsead of posting and then forgetting it.

So here is my mean thing of the day

rageprufrock is a total bitch. Though I suppose it loses some bitchiness points when one is ordered over AIM to say so by the subject, doesn't it? She also smells funny. I mean, I've heard, and I promise a report from Vancouver if it turns out that my unsubstantiated rumor turns out to be true. She also secretly ships Rodney/squark. And Rodney bottoms.

There. I feel better!
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