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unauthorized reproduction;sid=2005/10/3/223530/406

Confirmed now in three separate articles. Thanks to svmadelyn for finding all of these.

From the first article:

As it the draft of the new law reads now, an intended parent "who
knowingly or willingly participates in an artificial reproduction
procedure" without court approval, "commits unauthorized
, a Class B misdemeanor." The criminal charges will be
the same for physicians who commit "unauthorized practice of
artificial reproduction."

You know.

About that paragraph? I mean, the whole article is an atrocity against pretty much every single thing I believe in. But.

Unauthorized reproduction.

Does anyone, besides me, who fucked and gave birth well outside the holy bonds of matrimony, just have to stop and read that one again? Just to *see* if you read it right the first time? Just to take it in a second, and mull all the ways that can be interpreted. All the ways that it can be *used*.

You know, I don't think this can be passed, even in Bush's America. But what worries me? Is that it's been *drafted*.

I wonder if single parents are next.
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