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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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this is where I stop and go, what. the. *fuck*.
Can anyone tell me if this is real?

For some reason, I think I just heard fucking *feudalism* calling. It mentioned wanting to *control my uterus*.

Seriously, this *cannot* be real.


Backed up by here.

Either someone debunk this or--God, what *is* the or?

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Oh, but honey, don't you remember? It's not your womb. It's your husbands! You should be honored to be the blessed vessel for his seed. It's your husband's spawn incubator, not your body.

Chicks. Hah. Hormones, I bet. ;)

I believe this is about halfway down that slippery slope that we skidded onto during the 2000 election. Very disturbing.

no, unfortunatley you read it right. I seriously hope this is some sort of joke. because damn, that's just so freaking wrong! maybe it a what if scenario? I seriously hope so.. *sigh*

I swear to God, Canada is looking better every day ...

Please, immigrate! We'd love to have you!

*blinks* Holy fucking shit. That has to be fake. Please, god, tell me that is fake.

You know, the day politicians get to take my cramps and bleeding for me, and for every other fucking woman in the nation, then they can control my uterus. Of course with that much menstral pain they'd be keeled over on the floor useless anyway, so the problem would be solved.

When I take over the universe I'll make it so, have no doubt.

A lot of American politicians are so fucked up they make Michael Jackson look normal. They should not be allowed to control other people's lives. They should have a bill demanding a psychiatric board to certify them capable before allowing them to work.

I grew up in Indiana, and I don't think this is a hoax.

That's absolutely appalling. My God. What's next, artificially induced sterility until you have governmental approval?

There are plenty of married people who do piss-poor jobs of raising their children.


This is really scary. At this rate, it wouldn't surprise me if they start burning people for witchcraft.

Its common sense to do this. "You need a licence to drive a care but not to have kids" (Blah blah)

Off course when the "Approved parents" divorce the government will have to euthanase the children cause you know single parents aren't 'best' for children. The kids would have grown up 'wrong' and probably psychologically scarred so they are better off dead huh?

I'm being silly. But this law is even sillier.

So realistically they want to use the same criteria to judge suitability of a couple as they do for adoptive couples. Where I'm from (Aus) I'm (fairly sure) that involves interviews and background checks. So who decides the appropriateness? Psychologists, Doctors? More work for them in the state, good for them, but who pays? The couple? Does smoking dope 20 years ago mean you aren't appropriate now even though you are a responsible citizen? What about parking tickets/speeding tickets. Which responsible person would want to have a child raised by someone that not only breaks the law but threatens the lives of other innocents on the road?

Smoking etc. Research shows that is bad for kids, in-utero and passive. Do the parents get drug tested? Who pays? Obesity leads to health problems, shorter life span and drain on public health. Research (can) show fat parents have fat kids. It would then be the appropriate thing to have fitness checks.

IQ tests? Wages? Lets face it THIS is the KEY! Poorer people have more kids. What better way to reduce poverty then by sending to jail single or 'inappropriate' parents.

If they were to spend the equal amount of time and effort into realistic sex education, planned parenting centers, contraception availability, parenting classes - (not those silly egg or bags of flour like you see on TV) the world would be a better place. Also it IS 2005 Single/Lesbian women want a SAFE method for conception that does NOT include 'cruising' bars because they want a child.

As an interesting note; 30 years in the future can Joe Bloogs sue the state for issuing his parents with a parenting certificate if he grew up in a violent/abusive/unsafe (married couple) family?

From what I understand, it is true.

I believe I also saw the phrase "unauthorized reproduction."

Fuck it. I'm moving to Canada.

Great! When come, bring american mountain dew. It'll get you anywhere here.

*Points to Indiana*

And this, dear children, is where America went...Screwy.

Seriously, This is wrong.

Heh, I'd say I couldn't imagine things getting worse, but just the fact that this has been drafted negates that sentiment.

What. The. Fuck??

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