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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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the squee place
stargate, rodney
Okay, it's silly and it's artificial, and yes, it's *incredibly* dorky, but I really think the world is so much prettier *right now*. I mean, the colors are better, the grass is greener, the sun--okay, it rained, but I *like* rain, so really, it's all good. And less than *two weeks* and I will be learning new things in a new place and really, this day has been *so good*.

So I feel--reckless. And possibly very, very stupid.

Poll #583336 Which one?

Which SGA fic should I work on/do you want to actually see become something?

The Other One That Makes No Sense
The One I Need to Read Up on Temporal Mechanics For
The One With the Spaceships
The One With John's Memory Problems
The One I Did For chopchica for Instructional

The WiP list, with strange snippets, is here. I am *so* in the mood to write. Just--crazily.

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Oh my God! You suck! Why aren't there check-boxes instead of stupid radio buttons!?

*wounded look*

God, seriously! Luckily I know which one I'm voting for!

*whispers* She thinks she's so crafty rigging the poll so you can only pick one. I'll pick Amnesia fic for whenever she asks, oh, what should I write; you take Instructional (I'm assuming?) and then we'll both bat eyelashes on...hmm. Either The Other One That Makes No Sense or The Temporal Mechanics one? *indecisive* You may choose.

But--I mean, we'll let her bask in a couple days of the full on joy. Then, whee, harassment! *pencils it in*

Ha! You so need an "I am the most manipulative person EVER!" icon!

I just loved the Rodney pov part of Instructional so much (you hear that, Jenn?). I want MORE. I also want porn, but you notice how that wasn't an option?

You gonna be online later?

*grins* I dunno. My toaster kinda covers that in an innocent sort of way. Possibly?

And yeah, I'll be online sometime after Lost kills me. *hums*

Because radio rather than checkboxes is killing me, it's 1) Chaya, 2) memory problems, and 3)Instructional.

Amnesia!!! Amnesia!!!

Hey, it's a kink. I am not ashamed. Don't look at me like that!

How about that one with Ronon bending over for Sheppard? You know the one I mean, the one languishing almost finished on your hard-drive?

What? Y'all didn't know about that one? ;)

The Other One That Makes No Sense -- John and Rodney on the run, no questions asked, no hesitation, just geared up and through the Gate and alone and waaaaaaah!

Followed by amnesia, dead!John, and do not meddle with physicists because you are a meat puppet and will not enjoy living in a freezer.

Pimp My Ride only comes in last because of the low possibility of angst.

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