Seperis (seperis) wrote,


Because I had a Very Damn Long Day. Which I am pretending didn't happen. At all. So there.

And btw? Everyone is sick. This is Not Good.


Believe Me by ubertodd

To up your mood after ubertodd singlehandedly makes the achies....

Fanfic Classics in a Minute by silviakundera I'm totally in love. Makes the flu worth it. Oh DAMN. Check out The Project summary. *lovelovelove* Make her write more.

More Fanfic Classics in a Minute by silviakundera. Oh. My. God. Check out the one for Darkstar's Save the Last Dance For Me and Mercy by Koi. *giggles* This is GREAT.

Okay, skipping off into the sunset to answer my backlog of email and try to figure out how a fic about one thing has taken a turn for the seriously, seriously bizarre. Did I mention the 'bizarre' part?
Tags: recs: other fandoms, recs: smallville

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