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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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oh wow
Serenity very, very early this morning.

Well, that was mindblowing. Hopefully, taking my mother and Child tomorrow. Cause wow, *everyone* needs to see this.

And all of y'all who saw this in screener and didn't spoil on my friendslist? I owe you. Thank you.

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If a person never saw Firefly, would they get this movie? The trailers look great but I just never watched a single second, not even a preview, for Firefly. Should I get the DVDs first?

No, you'll be fine. You might even enjoy it more. I went with Vannezsa and hehr boyfriend, and he had never seen it, and he loved it. Seriously, it's *good*. I mean, this is what sci-fi *should alwasy be*.

I took my son to it. He's 12 and I realized that I can finally *take him to things* that are a little more intense. That was very cool.

Child's eight--I was wary, but havign seeen it, I think he'll love it. I can barely wait.

The scariest thing for my son was one of the horror movie trailers that they showed. Oi. I'm sure your kid will love it too.

I saw it Friday and I loved it! I'm so happy that this movie got made. I hope it does well enough to have a sequel, but just having the one is amazing.

You could pay off what you owe us with fic!

*smiles helpfully*

I was so happy that I wasn't spoiled for the movie.

Made it a lot better.

You're welcome ::snicker::

Excellent in most ways, wasn't it? Must get off my ass to go see it again.

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