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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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mmmm fic
After a terrifying journey into *a night without fic*!, an embarassment of riches. And hotness.

Something To Remind You by cjandre - set between The Defiant One and Hot Zone. I wish there was a good way to summarize this, but there's just *not*. CJ just does the *hottest* stuff ever, and it's--wow. It's wonderfully written and hto as hell. So seriously, happy place here. An entire *galaxy* of cookies worth.

Be Cool by hth_the_first - you know, I almost giggled myself into a fit. I think it might forevermore be known as the one where they got *really* stoned. And they did. And it was *good*.

Okay, will *so* go looking for more cookie icons soon.

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You can have this one if you like.

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