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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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mmm bon bon
I'd like to state, for the record:

Spider House - Austin, Texas

Bon Bon - one (two?) shots of espresso, condensed milk at the bottom, shot of chocolate = insomnia + caffeine hangover.

Mocha Blanca double

Is that even *possible*? I drink *a pot of coffee on average every day* plus assorted sodas. But I can honestly state that this was the first time I have *ever* been kept up *eight extra hours* plus suffered withdrawal *and* hangover symptoms after waking up.

Wow. I *so* need more of that. Like, *now*. Cause *oh my God* that was good coffee.

Spider House

Vannezsa and her boyfriend have been going there for a bit, and in a quest to see if I am still capable of social contact with people outside the textual medium, dragged me along with them, promising wireless outdoor access and well, that *worked*. VBoyfriend also brought his laptop, and pretty much there was a one to three ratio of people sitting in public and eschewing sociability, which really, made me feel right at home. VBoyfreind also showed me two livejournalers who became convicted murderers of their mothers and later wrote about the murders in LJ. And apparently, wrote from prison as well. It's all very surreal and listed on ljdrama.

See, this? Shows me that yes, the people outside fo fandom are *far more crazy* than we are.

Anyway, that about wraps up my idea of a social life. The other nice thing is that VBoyfriend is a computer engineer, and does math *for fun*. Without ever *actually explaining* what I actually needed, I had him explain every single thing I've ever read in any story regarding primes, Euler's number (Christ, there are *two of them*. I had to *recite the formula from memory*, thank you basingstoke) and somehow, we got to equations going on three hundred years without being proved and a short history of post-Calculus.. After a lot of wriggling around the issue, I think my time theory story might work, finally, at least as far as really strange Stargate-esque astrophysics is concerned, or he was just trying to get me to admit I was in need of an excuse for Rodney and John to have angsty relative sex while ripping up the space-time continuum. That informatino, like my lj name, is restricted until he actually marries her. But still.

He and Vannezsa are revoltingly cute togehter, with the touching and the awwing and the dear God like *puppies*. V said I was jealous, I said unless they could find me someone who didn't mind minimal contact and who owned his own dedicated server and upgraded laptops for fun, really, I'm good.

Went to Frye's today and barely escaped without getting a new motherboard and a couple of big screen tvs, which I probaly would have had to turn tricks in the hard drive section to pay for. The thing is? I have no idea how to install one of those. But it was upgradable to four gig ddram and the salesguy kept looking at me nervously while i tried to contain droolage. There were video cards and long aisles of wireless networking supplies and how to make *your entire house a wireless zone* and it's just--not a healthy place to windowshop, you know? However, did get my router, so the laptop is now connected, even if I can't seem to make Brian believe John *exists* as part of the home network.

One day. *shakes fist* One day.

Yeah, that covers *that*. I want more bon bon. I want it *now*.

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*g* You're funny when you're on a caffeine high.

*delurks to be homesick for a minute*

Ohhhh, Spider House. So pretty, what with the lights and all. *sigh* We used to live on 30th St, sort of cattycornered from the firehouse. I miss it.

how did you like Spiderhouse? I live 2 minutes away and I rarely go if I can help it; something about the atmosphere annoys me. but the coffee is very caffeinating -

Ha! That's what I look for in a guy too ^_~

omg. A friend took me to a Fry's when I was in San Francisco. It's like Geek Mecca.

And I demand to know why Raleigh* doesn't have one of its own.

* The silicon valley of the east coast!

I received information in the mail from CPS on foster care/adoption last night. As you said, this does look like the fastest, easiest way to adopt. I'm a little stunned by some of this. For example, the return address on the outside of the envelope identifies the woman who mailed it from CPS as a "faith-based worker." Way to go separation of church and state. And one of the qualifiers for "special needs" adoption is being a minority child. That's crazy. Fuck. But that distinction will make it all go so much faster, so I'm only complaining in a limited way. I'm getting excited, and we haven't even attended an information meeting yet.

Special needs adoption, here we come.

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