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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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the squee
children of dune - leto 1
I called the lady I forced to walk up stairs and asked about the job, because I'm that kind of masochist. I didn't get it, since apparently, someone applied who has prior experience, and possibly, didn't require calesthenics of the interviewer pre-interview. So I came home.

And there he was.

My laptop--oh God, do I love it? Let me count the ways. No, wait, I won't. I just keep opening it to stare at it lovingly.

So John is now sitting *right beside me*, charging. And I love him. Very, very much. Very, very, very much.

Yeah, and first mocking post on *that* name...*narrows eyes*. I so dare you.

So you know, no new job, but have laptop. This isn't bad at all.

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Well a job...those come and go.

A laptop, well, can change with your moods, can supply you with a nearly endless supply of porn with the men of your choice (slash obviously), and the laptop don't usually have mood swings, which bosses do.

I think you did pretty good in the bargain.

ps Sorry about the job. I think you need to write a nice McShep fic with lots of snogging to make me (oops, I mean you) feel better

Yeah, and first mocking post on *that* name...*narrows eyes*. I so dare you.

I will admit that I sniggered when i read it, and then I was all, "But it's John: pretty and fun, and going *fast*. Making technology work like magic. That's what you want in a laptop. The name makes perfect sense."

Am hardly in a position to mock, as my laptop is named Bartholomew and my iPod is named Cecelia. (I was very close to calling Bartholomew Bob instead, but held back at the last minute.)

Heh! ^_^ My laptop's name is Daniel, after guess who!

Am sorry about the job, have fun with John :)

I won't mock you, my computer's name is Daniel FCOL <g>

John > laptop > blowjob > McKay > SGA porn

Nothing funny there. It's all good.

Job loss bad, laptop pretty. John, yay! If I more often imagine another John instead, it's all good.

My laptop is named Ziggy (in honor of Ziggy Stardust) but my iPod is named Lex II (Lex I crashed and burned spectacularly one day after delivery). Yay for laptops!

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