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Oookay. I owe LJ an apology. All my missing lj-notifies? In my web spam filters. Which is a FIRST--it did let through some, but kept the majority of the last few week's worth, for no discernible reason. It's--well, weird.

So. One thousand one hundred pieces of spam in two weeks. As it dumps after two weeks (or so it seems, though I see earlier stuff at the end, I think). It kept some private email too, which I need to sort out and answer. *sighs*

Yet it still lets through enlarge your penis/breasts/kidneys/whatever. Huh. Clever thing. I still average about thirty or so spam a day that still gets through. So it's working, but I suppose I should up some of the filters, except it seems upping the filters keeps more stuff I actually WANT and gah. This. Is. So. Frustrating.

*sighs* Web filters. Not exactly beloved of me, but okay, better than having to hand sort all this crap.

In more interesting news.


The Staff Diaries by mobiusklein. *snickers* This author just makes me giggle hysterically. These are FUN stories. Far, far too much fun. and Bosso Supremo? Naked twister? This is great.

Body Talk by thamiris, a great coda to Suspect. Sweet and so Clark and so subtle. I love her work. Makes me cozy after.

Wetwork by destina I have MISSED her in SV ficdom, and until I read, I had no idea how much. Structurally creative in the backwards motion, beautifully written (what else can you expect from her?), sweet, and the story works fabulously in the chosen structure--in some ways better than a more traditional way. Really. Read her and send comments--this is an EXCELLENT story.


I finally got Eva Cassidy version of Time After Time. Yes, I am that much of a fangirl, especially after watching the video, even though RealPlayer still freezes my computer at random intervals, but totally worth it. There's a chance I want the Smallville soundtrack now if I can get all these songs on there.

Fangirl, fangirl, fangirl.


Being bored. Reading denialcorp because, damn, they make me happy. Screw destiny. But give it flowers first or it feels used.

Yes, how'd you guess I haven't been sleeping well?

Off to do--things.
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