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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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things here and forth and look! the alphabet
children of dune - leto 1

1.) I went over to basingstoke's LJ to leave feedback for her hysterical Land Shark and discovered, unbeknowest to me, I already had. I have no memory of this and I don't remember amnesia, which I suppose is the point. So to make sure it was me, I added a yes, I agree with that, which I do, but still. That's a bit disconcerting. If by disconcerting, you mean, huh, so this is what a U turn toward the crazy feels like.

2.) My boss is desperate for me to get another job. I really, really think she just wants to have a party when I leave. We are sadly slack on the parties around the office, what with the increased workload, exhaustion, and general hate toward each other. To make everyone feel better, I seranaded the halls with Jolene, thank you the vidder who did that one, and I'd like to say that my office can be united when they aer faced with me trying to hit octaves no human should hit.

I'm kinda scared to go back now.

3.) I reached a new level of boredom, previously undiscovered. So I did this.

I tried to figure out what percentage of my stories had a title that started with an S.

Then I did the rest of the alphabet. Here are the results.

A 111111111111111111111 - 21
B 11111111 - 8
C 111111111111111 - 15
D 111111111 - 9
E 111111 - 6
F 11111111111111 - 14
G 1111111 - 7
H 1111111 - 7
I 1111111111111111 - 16
J 11 -2
K 111 - 3
L 111111111111111 - 15
M 1111 - 4
N 111111111111 - 12
O 111111111111 - 12
P 11111 - 5
Q 11 - 2
R 111 - 3
S 11111111111111111111111111111111111111 - 38
T 1111111111111111 - 16
U 11 - 2
W 111111111 - 9
Y 111 -3

My new goal is to write three stories and title them using the letters V, X, and Z.

So. Hmm.

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I too have alphabetically analyzed my titles! I was way heavy on the beginning of the alphabet when I did it, so I was trying to balance things out with some end-of-the-alphabet titles.

There should be a self-help group for people who do this.

I'm really getting into the idea of a title with X in it. I'm trying to think of a reasonable way to use The Xylaphone without being too obvious.

But that S, man. THat's just a lot of S, you know?

Yes but S has so many good words.
Sex, Solitude, Serenity, Sheppard....

You know that would weird me out, too. Is it a comment that you left recently?

Re: the letters V, X, and Z. My professor was telling us Monday that this group of french writers wrote an entire book without ever using the letter E. And okay, but *why*?

That is a good question. Why? Is it a good book?

We should find this book and see. Cause man, that leaves out a good majority of words, now that i think about it.

Is it a good book?

It's amusing.

It's called "A Void" iirc, and the hero's name is Anton Vowl. And there are no words with the letter E in them, even in the English translation.

Lots and lots of words. Particularly if you're writing in French.

Clearly you need to write stories with the following titles:
Virgin Sacrifices at Dawn (I've been reading too many Harlequin Challenges)
Xanthippe's Revenge and
Zany Exploits of the Scientists of Atlantis.
(Ok, the first time I wrote this, I typed the ScienTITS of Atlantis, which would be a completely different story all together).

Yes, I looked up X words in the dictionary. Xanthippe was the wife of Socrates and is traditionally described as shrewish. Hmm...who would play that role?

(I don't think you're the only one who has made that turn toward crazy. )

*giggles* Any other good X words?

I mean, I could do a story called X-Rated. *blinks slowly* Wow. Could you *imagine* my spam levels fi I did?

Crazy is the fun place.

*Flipping open dictionary that I keep next to my computer*

Ok, there's
XL 1.extra large 2. extra long
(almost as good as x-rated)
Xyloid - of or similar to wood
*snerk* I think my mind is permanently in the gutter.

Moving on...
Xylose - a white crystaline sugar used in diabetic diets (Hmmmm...Damn! I looked up the main ingredient of the "little soldiers" and it's fructose and not xylose. That would have made an interesting solution for a hypoglycemic reaction. Actually....Hmmmm...I wish I could write!)

xenogenesis - the production of offspring markedly different from either parent.

Ok, it's clear that my mind is permanently in the gutter so I'll...just...stop.

Xanthippe was also what my father wanted to name me. It took my mother over a week to fully veto that. *shudders*

I tried to figure out what percentage of my stories had a title that started with an S.

Then I did the rest of the alphabet. Here are the results.


I did that once a really long time ago, and like a third of my stories started with the letter "C". What's up with that?

*scratches head* See, I was wondering if it was s words were more common, but you and Joss now both are saying that it was the upper levels that were topheavy. C? Hmm.

This should be some kind of fannish personality quiz, you know.

That was before I started in HP, and back when I had a lot of one word titles like "Confrontations" and "Comfort," so I'm sure it's changed by now.

This should be some kind of fannish personality quiz, you know.

Heh. The fact that we even bother to figure it out says volumes. *g*

*grins* IT really does. I really am sitting here, thinking, why do I like S? What does that *mean*?

This can't go anyplace good.

It certainly can't, as I'm wondering what the distribution of my titles is *now.* I have over 400 stories. This can't be good.

"X" seems like a good fit for SGA, which has so far spawned some cool obscure word-titles. There are a few x-words that can probably be twisted to squeeze out story ideas. I especially love the first one.

xenomania: an inordinate love of what is foreign

xenogamy: cross-pollination
x-axis: the horizontal axis of a Cartesian coordinate system (um...it's mathy.)
xenophobia: fear of strangers
Xanadu: an idyllic place

xenomania: an inordinate love of what is foreign

No, not foreign--*alien*, I should have said.

x-axis: the horizontal axis of a Cartesian coordinate system

And that's a *two-dimensional* Cartesian coordinate system. Obviously that missing element is key to the whole metaphor. The metaphor that doesn't exist yet, but could.

With a 3-dimensional coordinate system you use X, Y, and Z so a) it still works and b) I can imagine an SGA story called "Z Adds Depth" or some such (which is a McKay/Sheppard where Ronon joins in).

I also came up with "Virgin Birth", "Veracity", "Vertigo" and "Very Long Story".

Ooh. Xanadu sounds interesting for a title.

Or you could take a permanent residence in the crazy and write a story with the title Xenu. Scientological galactic tyrant, yay! (...He could be the one who destroyed Krypton. What?)

Wow. I think you reached a new level of boredom there. *g* Why dont you google your name like a normal bored internet person? ^_~

Sesame Street would be proud

*snerks* If you can write a fic using the words Vixen, Xenoestrogens, and Zat in a title I think you will have officially proven you are no longer restrained by the confines of this reality.
Xenoestrogens is the word from last week's brilliant moment of Gill Discovers Science- think of them as faux hormones used in steroids.
Or you could just title something "X-Rated" and kill of my remaining brain cells with Jenn!guh.

Other possibilities include:
X2 (where the 2 is in superscript it means resistance)
X'd / X'ing - the deliberate removal or erasure of something through a series of X's
Zulu - the military word used in place of the letter "z"
Zulu time - universal or civilian time as determined from the meridian at Greenwich, England.
Zorbing - a recreational sport involving being placed in a giant inflatable ball and getting thrown down a really steep hill at top speed. As my chem prof called it, "a rather questionable activity"
Vocative - my favorite word of the bunch

I could go on, but now I'm having flashbacks to when my father forced me to read the dictionary at age 13. Gaah.

Hee! I have that problem all the time. I either 1) think I left feedback and didn't or 2) left feedback and completely forget that I did.

My memory resembles swiss cheese more than a little.

Landscape! I must plan more encouragement for post vacation... *plots*

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