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1.) I went over to basingstoke's LJ to leave feedback for her hysterical Land Shark and discovered, unbeknowest to me, I already had. I have no memory of this and I don't remember amnesia, which I suppose is the point. So to make sure it was me, I added a yes, I agree with that, which I do, but still. That's a bit disconcerting. If by disconcerting, you mean, huh, so this is what a U turn toward the crazy feels like.

2.) My boss is desperate for me to get another job. I really, really think she just wants to have a party when I leave. We are sadly slack on the parties around the office, what with the increased workload, exhaustion, and general hate toward each other. To make everyone feel better, I seranaded the halls with Jolene, thank you the vidder who did that one, and I'd like to say that my office can be united when they aer faced with me trying to hit octaves no human should hit.

I'm kinda scared to go back now.

3.) I reached a new level of boredom, previously undiscovered. So I did this.

I tried to figure out what percentage of my stories had a title that started with an S.

Then I did the rest of the alphabet. Here are the results.

A 111111111111111111111 - 21
B 11111111 - 8
C 111111111111111 - 15
D 111111111 - 9
E 111111 - 6
F 11111111111111 - 14
G 1111111 - 7
H 1111111 - 7
I 1111111111111111 - 16
J 11 -2
K 111 - 3
L 111111111111111 - 15
M 1111 - 4
N 111111111111 - 12
O 111111111111 - 12
P 11111 - 5
Q 11 - 2
R 111 - 3
S 11111111111111111111111111111111111111 - 38
T 1111111111111111 - 16
U 11 - 2
W 111111111 - 9
Y 111 -3

My new goal is to write three stories and title them using the letters V, X, and Z.

So. Hmm.
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