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people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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thinking of things
children of dune - leto 1
There is much righteous indignation on behalf of Michael Rosenbaum across the net, but it looks as if WB does, in fact, have a working brain cell somewhere in the depths of its PR department.

To check out the action, I'm going to make it easy--my friends list and start around late last night. The wonderous latxcvi and rosenho and hackthis all maketh much noise. Also, Wendi, and go Hope's Poster for Michael.

That took me a LONG time to write and code, btw. What scares me a little is that I did all the addresses from memory. I forget a lot of things--where my keys are, when to take my allergy meds, dental appointments (with reason!), washing dishes, waking up, breathing--but strangely, I have memorized the LJ/blogs of everyone who is listed to the right over there, plus about fifteen others, as well as their webpages, most of their stories, and with those who have told me, their favorite color, former fandoms, and other utterly useless information.

This might worry me. It doesn't, but it might.

Anyway, LaT adds to the netiquette discussion and makes me nod along. She and Vic are very thorough. Must remember that for future ref.

I've been going through my X-Men WIP folder....

I'm telling myself this is NOT my Last Step Before Walking Away from the Fandom, because it's NOT, but my MO from Voyager was, in fact, to go through and start posting anything that I figured was done but I'd put off for various reasons. One femslash, one gen, come to think. Yet here I am, calmly posting snippets and ficlets--there are about, oh, thirty million more, or so my folder tells me, not including those jewels of WiPs, Illusions, An Unusual Situation, and Jus Ad Bellum, or the-so-close-to-finished-it-hurts cowrite with Andariel, or my other finished cowrite with Andariel, Succubus. Or, my Logan/Ororo, my Logan/Jeans, or--well, okay, it's ALOT, and it almost hurts to look at them. Some I could finish, some I don't want to finish, some I hate the sight of, and some make me highly, highly nostalgic. Some are contextual to the time they were written, some are strange pieces of scenes that came out of nowhere, and some are--really damn weird even in the L/R fandom.

Some I like and some I wonder what I was on when writing, and some hurt to look at because they remind me of the chats and the people I wrote them for, and some just--urg. I didn't have this problem in Voyager--comparatively speaking, it was easy to dismiss everything from there, but all my first strong fandom ties and friendships came out of W/R. I found the story I wrote for Diebin, God, back last March, and I found another one that I wrote to amuse Beth one night and one that Andy threw a line out at me and it's weird. Very, very weird. Lots of Sare Liz influence--LOTS OF SARE LIZ everywhere, and I suppose it's something like saying okay, I'm done if I start getting rid of all this. Because I tell myself I'm not, but I'm wondering, once I'm done with Jus Ad Bellum, if that's going to be true still. There's this weird chance that the second the epilogue is posted, I won't feel for the fandom anymore and I'm not at all sure I'm ready for that.

Hmm. Yet another reason why even though Interlude 5 is just sitting there in my folder, I can't bring myself to post it.

I suppose everyone remembers some fandom with nostalgia, though my nostalgia is probably less rosy than most. After all, five months into it we had already split the list in half and were in the middle of building a new list and I was writing the first thirty pages of Jus Ad Bellum this time last year and showing Beth and Ann what I was thinking about.


And it's not like Smallville doesn't fulfill my social thing admirably--Beth, Andy, Hope, Wendi, Victoria, Pricklyelf, Te, anyone else who is interested in chatting, they're online, but back in W/R it was--different. First times and all.

And the worry that Real Soon Now, if fandom stats are anything to go by, there will be a fandom war of some kind in some part of Smallville, so I'm gritting my teeth in preparation. And looking at Seventy-Two Hours again to decide whether to post the beta'ed first part or not. I'm trying to keep away from posting anything WiP in Smallville to save myself stress.

Okay, back to mulling things.

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Sleep While I Drive

Er. Hi. This is completely unrelated to your post but, well, I hope you don't mind. I've been reading "Sleep While I Drive" and I feel utterly unable to say anything more than Please let it never end! (Which of course it must, but the journey is...just incredible.)

Also, I do have just one tiny little suggestion. The Chinese language doesn't have "R" so you might want to give another name to Lex's friend in Hong Kong. (And "Pel" doesn't sound too Chinese either; maybe you might want to pick an actual existing name and use that.)


from a fan's perspective

I want to scream very loud at the thought of you walking away from X-Men and W/R. Loud enough to shatter glass.

I've read damn near all of your X-fic, sent you an email raving about Jus Ad Bellum, and am waiting for it to get updated. Reading that you have Interlude 5 ready to go, and yet, can't bring yourself to post it, has me yelling at my monitor. Yet I understanding why you just can't do it. I too, as a fan, fear that you won't feel for the fandom anymore. That damn near freaks me out because you have all this talent for capturing these characters that wouldn't be wasted if you left the fandom behind, but would be lost.

I know that there are quite a few people who have simply had enough of the fandom. I know that Bree is done and I'm pretty sure Donna is as well. It almost breaks my heart to read that, when I know that there are tons of X-fic writers and so very few actually nail the characters. It irritates me that the ones who write absolute crap, have no sense of the characters, and have shitty dialogue are mainly the ones still putting out fanfic. The fandom needs people like you to show how it's done.

Yes, this is almost blatant begging or something of the like. People like you and Bree and Donna and Nacey all inspire me to write though, like no one else has done for me in a long time. I love finding that fic has been updated. It's like the best part of my day when that happens. That really doesn't happen much anymore. I'm hoping that when X2 comes out, more work gets finished or posted. Perhaps there's only so much one writer can do when the fandom has lost it's momentum. It's understandable. But it makes me sad. Perhaps I should give up the torch that I've been carrying for it, but I'm not sure I'm quite ready to do that yet.

Anways, I have babbled on here long enough. I'm sure you get my point ((at least I hope there was one in all of that)). You're damn good Jenn and the rest of us know it.

*hugs* to you sweetie.

PS If you want to, ya know, send Interlude 5 to me or if it should just end up in my inbox, I wouldn't have any sort of problem with that. : )
PPS I think it's an excellent idea not to post any WiP for Smallville. Getting people to nearly salivate over a this-is-so-amazingly-good-that-if-I-don't-find-out-what-happens-next-soon-I-may-go-clinically-insane is something you definitely have the power to do and something you shouldn't put people through!

Hey there! I noticed your post in Nezsa's journal and thought, "Any chick with Lex Luthor as her icon has got to be pretty cool." So I added you to my friends page. Hope you don't mind another Smallville fan.:D

You ought to post in this thing more often. It's getting dusty.

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