Seperis (seperis) wrote,

sgareview - conversion, s2e8

In which I say, yeah, I've lost all rationality

I've come to realize that three quarters of my deep and abiding love for this show is all visceral--pretty men, pretty women, and occasional violence.

I am not ashamed of the fact that pretty much every time John was on screen, I sighed, "oooh. pretty."

I also said, Thank you God, when he was stick fighting. Jesus. Please. More of *that*. Can I get a clip of that anywhere?

He was blue and scaly and slimey. He was *scary*--okay, never mind, I find scary John the hottest thign ever. But I think I realized Id' abandoned all sense when he did that classic flying squirrel impression to leap at people and bug eggs and I *did not laugh*.

I said. "OOh. *Pretty*."

I am *fucked*.

Note: anyone notice how his poor hair flattened the unhappier he got? I've noted this before. There is a direct correlation between the perk of his hair and his mood.

Note 2: This pretty much killed my fledgling Weir/Sheppard fic I was trying to work on. *Dammit*.
Tags: episode review: stargate:atlantis
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