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Austin Assistance for Katrina Evacuees
For those in the Austin Area who want to help:

From Austin City Connection:

The City of Austin Parks and Recreation Department will staff a Contribution Center at the Freescale Campus, 3501 Ed Bluestein Blvd. The Center will be open for donations from 8 AM to 5 PM Saturday Sept 3 to Friday, Sept 9. Donation requests include monetary donations, cots, air mattresses, sleeping bags, sheets, blankets, towels and wash cloths.

Aklso mentioned are clothes and folding lawn chairs, but then they say other places that clothes are not beign accepted. So. Yeah.

Also, this hit me from the news.

Link: http://news8austin.com/content/top_stories/default.asp?ArID=144808

One state employee went to buy cots at an Academy outdoor store in North Austin, but when the store manager learned they were for evacuees, he gave her all the cots in supply free of charge.

I love my city.

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We're looking to foster or adopt a child evacuee. I've emailed Depelchin, but should I contact a state agency directly? Any idea who?

The best and easiest way is to go through Child Protective Services, who handles foster care, now called Family and Protective Services.


That shoudl get you started.


Thank you. I'm anxious to get the paperwork underway. Feels urgent.

I can't volunteer at any of the shelters tomorrow as we're expected at my mom's, but I plan to go down to the GRB Convention Center Monday. 6,000 people there, and they're asking the people to come down and help.

*hugs back*

Thank you for the link. I called the number and the voice message was all about fostering or adopting. Perfect. I left my name and work number.

You know you're worth your weight in gold, right?


That makes me bawl.

Thanks for sharing!

Jenn, I have sheets, towels and a couple of air mattresses I could send UPS. Where should I send them for best effect?

omg! I just saw the address in your post! Should I send out of state contributions there, or elsewhere?

I live in Austin, and I actually called Texas 211 and the Red Cross, and they had no idea where to bring donations (I had seen the addy for Ed Bluestein on the city website, but no hours were listed) so thank you for the info!!! It's a litle frightening to find more specific info on LJ randomly than I can get from the city...

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