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and this is why i never, ever forget what i do can be amazing
happy snail
Okay, this is something I'm not sure how to share the right way. It's personal and it's work related, so I'm going to try adn do this right, because I will say honestly that this is the second time in two days that I wanted to cry.

About two weeks ago, I interviewed a recently unemployed woman who was caring for her children and I think grandchild (this was about fifty-five interviews ago). I certified her for benefits and we were talking and she used to work for another agency a long time ago and I said, well, you should work for us.

Now--my clients are--most of them are burned out. It's like--it's like, some light went out of them. And I'm not anyone's idea of a beacon of hope, but I was talking to her, really *talking*, because weirdly enough, she *wanted*, and I told her about the temp jobs openings in the agency, the same job I have. It's only six months, but it's a good way to get into the agency. I printed out the job and the website, and I think an app, adn then I forgot, because I do this a lot.

Today, while upfront, I saw a familiar woman, but I was working on something else, and then she comes over and says, Jenn?

And I kind of blink and then she says, with this huge grin, like she just couldn't wait to tell me...

She says, I got the job.

Tonight's a lot of catharsis, I think.

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Oh, thank God. And from what you said, it sounds like you could use it.

Oh, that gave me the good shivers. I'm so glad!

Man, I felt giddy just reading that! :D

Thanks for what you did for her, and thanks for telling it to us. I needed to hear a good story like that.

And yes, the little things you do DO make a difference. Can change people's lives, on occasion.

Just - - well, good. Right to the gut, this.

yay for you, and yay for that lady.

found this via friendsfriends and between this post and that last one of yours, i felt a million times better. I don't know exactly what you do, just what i could glean from these posts, but you and your coworkers are AMAZING people who help make this world a much better place.

thank you for sharing both these stories. you can't see me, but i'm standing in gratitude for you and those you work with.

That's a wonderful story - thanks for sharing it. I don't mention often enough how cool it is that you do the work that you do.

That's so amazing and great. With all the crappy crappy stuff going on in the world, it's so weird how much one lovely thing can make you feel so much better.

You did a really good deed, Jenn.

Awww sweetie,

You did a really, really good thing here. You should be darned proud of yourself.


OMG that is so fantastic!

*giant hugs*

That's so wonderful to hear and I'm glad that it made you so happy :)

Damned good news and indeed well-timed for you.

Such a small thing to do and you changed someone's life! Warm fuzzies when we all needed to hear them! Thanks for sharing!

Oh wow. That's awesome. *hugs*

Jenn, given the news, I really needed to hear something like this today. I hope you know how awesome you are.

We need all the good stories we can get right now. This one, and your previous post, made me cry with happy.

Fan-fucking-tastic, babe. *high-fives you*

*hugs* That's wonderful! Both for her and for you. It's so great when you can make a difference in someone's life.

(via friendsof friends)

That is such a great story, and it made me tear up. You guys take care of yourselves. There are a lot of people who are proud and grateful for the work you're doing.

Yay! That's awesome for her and you.

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