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Because she totally rocks, penelope_z sent me a gorgeous, gorgeous cover for The Wasteland. Pardon me while I squee hysterically.

From penelope_z

I'm really spoiled. *hugs Penelope*


The Giving Tree by zahra. The odd thing is, until last night while chatting with someone, I hadn't even, I think, HEARD of the story, then voila, this appears in my inbox. Very lovely, pure zahra. And it looks like I need to get to reading.

Capillary by Julian Lee. It's the little things, not the big ones, that'll catch Clark out in the end. It's deceptively simple, heartbreaking, and strangely inevitable. I like how Clark and Martha are drawn here. It aches, all of it. With a killer last line.

Disconnect by Julian Lee. Oh. Wow. Now THAT is a new way of looking at Jonathan and his relationship with his son! I'm not sure I entirely agree, but I'm not sure I disagree either. In any case, a fascinating take on the entire idea, both of how Clark views his father and Lex's, and how Lex views his father, Clark's family, and Clark.

Let's Talk About Sex by zahra. *snickers* THAT is funny. I love how she writes Lex in the throes of passion. Just--so. Very. Funny.

Places to Visit:

denialcorp - Home away from home. Happy place. I'm entranced. Oh yes.

thamiris comments here about Clark and the episode Suspect.

latxcvi comments here and here as well with some interesting insights.

eat_crow has some good analyses of the episode as well by taraljc and lexcorp_hope

And my entire friends list is alive with musings of one kind or another. These people think a LOT.

Other Things:

Got my remix assignment. Okay, I'm going to seriously need to think about this for a bit. Or you know, until the day the challenge is due, so as to keep up with my flawless procrastination record.

Well, I had two things to ramble on. One, and really, talk about BACKTRACKING, defending Clark, but luckily, thamiris did it and very lovely she did, too. Clark's such a guy. Why discuss when you can pretend nothing happened? Boy has his head SO far in the sand it's adorable. Two, writing process, but my nose is runny and therefore, I shall use that as an excuse to be boring.

Actually, I'm contemplating a story idea. Like so many others, it's percolating, because while it's INTERESTING, I don't have my hook for it yet. After devinmoonshine was oh so kind as to agree to think about a VERY pretty idea (nudge her every so often, please?) and girlinthetrilby showed me something--highly, highly mindbending, I'm all in the mood to do something--bizarre.

I have the COOLEST friends ever. *g*

In more jenn-centric news, I'm full of envy for everyone who gets to go to conventions. You know, I never used to want to go. Now I do. Dammit. That's really random, I know. But there it is. Envy.

Okay, everyone asks this eventually, so I will too, because I keep catching people friending me and I have no idea why exactly or who they are, though I try to check at least once a week or so and see the journals in question, I'm sort of behind on doing that. I mean, granted, if you dropped by when I was writing Somewhere, it was definitely more convenient to friend so as to keep up with updates than to hit refresh on my main page so many times a day. Got that one. But otherwise? Just feel oh so free to comment.

Um. So. Feel free to drop in, say hi, I'm so and so, and it's your icons that just dragged me in. Just so you know? I have made exactly ONE of them. Maybe three the entire time I've had an LJ. Chances are, if it's the icons? Someone else made it. *g* I suck with the icon thing. No visual imagination whatsoever.

And...HOW would a corporation rule the world? You know, if such a thing were to happen. What kind of model are we talking about? I'm torn between a really bizarre communism, except that feels weird for the idea of capitalism, or a really really bizarre fascism, but that one seems a little too--wrong. Or I'm not thinking about it in the right way.

Um. Just asking. For absolutely no story-related reason whatsoever.
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