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children of dune - leto 1
Because she totally rocks, penelope_z sent me a gorgeous, gorgeous cover for The Wasteland. Pardon me while I squee hysterically.

From penelope_z

I'm really spoiled. *hugs Penelope*


The Giving Tree by zahra. The odd thing is, until last night while chatting with someone, I hadn't even, I think, HEARD of the story, then voila, this appears in my inbox. Very lovely, pure zahra. And it looks like I need to get to reading.

Capillary by Julian Lee. It's the little things, not the big ones, that'll catch Clark out in the end. It's deceptively simple, heartbreaking, and strangely inevitable. I like how Clark and Martha are drawn here. It aches, all of it. With a killer last line.

Disconnect by Julian Lee. Oh. Wow. Now THAT is a new way of looking at Jonathan and his relationship with his son! I'm not sure I entirely agree, but I'm not sure I disagree either. In any case, a fascinating take on the entire idea, both of how Clark views his father and Lex's, and how Lex views his father, Clark's family, and Clark.

Let's Talk About Sex by zahra. *snickers* THAT is funny. I love how she writes Lex in the throes of passion. Just--so. Very. Funny.

Places to Visit:

denialcorp - Home away from home. Happy place. I'm entranced. Oh yes.

thamiris comments here about Clark and the episode Suspect.

latxcvi comments here and here as well with some interesting insights.

eat_crow has some good analyses of the episode as well by taraljc and lexcorp_hope

And my entire friends list is alive with musings of one kind or another. These people think a LOT.

Other Things:

Got my remix assignment. Okay, I'm going to seriously need to think about this for a bit. Or you know, until the day the challenge is due, so as to keep up with my flawless procrastination record.

Well, I had two things to ramble on. One, and really, talk about BACKTRACKING, defending Clark, but luckily, thamiris did it and very lovely she did, too. Clark's such a guy. Why discuss when you can pretend nothing happened? Boy has his head SO far in the sand it's adorable. Two, writing process, but my nose is runny and therefore, I shall use that as an excuse to be boring.

Actually, I'm contemplating a story idea. Like so many others, it's percolating, because while it's INTERESTING, I don't have my hook for it yet. After devinmoonshine was oh so kind as to agree to think about a VERY pretty idea (nudge her every so often, please?) and girlinthetrilby showed me something--highly, highly mindbending, I'm all in the mood to do something--bizarre.

I have the COOLEST friends ever. *g*

In more jenn-centric news, I'm full of envy for everyone who gets to go to conventions. You know, I never used to want to go. Now I do. Dammit. That's really random, I know. But there it is. Envy.

Okay, everyone asks this eventually, so I will too, because I keep catching people friending me and I have no idea why exactly or who they are, though I try to check at least once a week or so and see the journals in question, I'm sort of behind on doing that. I mean, granted, if you dropped by when I was writing Somewhere, it was definitely more convenient to friend so as to keep up with updates than to hit refresh on my main page so many times a day. Got that one. But otherwise? Just feel oh so free to comment.

Um. So. Feel free to drop in, say hi, I'm so and so, and it's your icons that just dragged me in. Just so you know? I have made exactly ONE of them. Maybe three the entire time I've had an LJ. Chances are, if it's the icons? Someone else made it. *g* I suck with the icon thing. No visual imagination whatsoever.

And...HOW would a corporation rule the world? You know, if such a thing were to happen. What kind of model are we talking about? I'm torn between a really bizarre communism, except that feels weird for the idea of capitalism, or a really really bizarre fascism, but that one seems a little too--wrong. Or I'm not thinking about it in the right way.

Um. Just asking. For absolutely no story-related reason whatsoever.

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HOW would a corporation rule the world?

Not exactly an answer, but perhaps think "Bill Gates." Hmmmm....

Huh. With a almost-perfect monopoly of a single necessary product. Hmm. Thsi makes me wish I'd paid more attention in economics classes....

(Deleted comment)
*hee* Love and Lust was my first serious slash. I get HUGE MASSIVE happiness knowing people still find it okay. *happy sigh* Such an ego I have....

As for the corporation, I'd say...weird fascist. Probably. I don't have any evidence for that, or arguments, or anything. Gaaah. Brain melting.


The sad part is, I was leaning toward fascist because it just sounds so cool and dark. Fascist governemtn! Knee-jerk evil! Darkness. I AM that shallow and anvil-like in writing. Who knew? *grins*

*hugs* Thanks for the birthday wishes!

Oh. Wow.

I want this book.

Thanks for the link!

Hey, my comment didn't go through! Lots of rambling, sure, but LJ not sending it is just mean! Luckily, I pasted into Word before I lost it. ^.~

Um. So. Feel free to drop in, say hi, I'm so and so, and it's your icons that just dragged me in.

*snerk* Well, since I'm doing that brand-new job thing, and no-one's giving me work, thinking that someone else must have I guess, why not? Hi, I'm Annie, your fics dragged me in, but the chanced of being spoiled stops me from adding you to my Friends list. It's the same with Te. You're both great writers who I absolutely love (even if I still hold a grudge against Handful of Dust) but your both so into the fandom it's kinda hard to avoid spoilerish stuff, so I only visit occasionally... or when I've caught up on Friends, but don't have the concentration span to read fics, or when I need recs, or get curious, or...

Yeah, I have no self-discipline, and that's why the Friends list is staying small and spoiler free.

And...HOW would a corporation rule the world? You know, if such a thing were to happen. What kind of model are we talking about? I'm torn between a really bizarre communism, except that feels weird for the idea of capitalism, or a really really bizarre fascism, but that one seems a little too--wrong. Or I'm not thinking about it in the right way.

Rule the world, as in the CEO is declared "Emperor of Earth, the Universe and Everything", or rule the world as in what they say goes, because they're that powerful?

I can't see the first happening unless it's a post-apocalyptic thing where civilization is rebuilding, and in that case it's not a firm running the world, it's a dictator and his henchmen using fancy titles.

The second is very easy, and possibly in Lex's future. (I'm not saying definately, 'cos I'm just in a little denial over here... I can't rule out the chance that Lex could turn his back on his millions if necessary. Actually, I'm suddenly wondering if there's any 'Lex goes bankrupt' stories. I'd like to see him react to a lack of funds. The Lanning Cook series probably counts.) Anyway, back to topic, the second scenario is a case of a corporation being highly influential, and effectively running the world from behind the scenes. It would most likely be a case of a corporation being large enough, and powerful enough, to replace the government... It would take over the government's duties while retaining the government as little more than a figure head. (Similar to the Shogun's of medieval Japan. Using brute force, they defeated the Emperor's forces and maintained their own control of the country. They left the Emperor to politically weak to do anything, but upkept him in the imperial style that he was used to. Everyone knew that the Emperor was the head of Japan, and the Shogun's were in control.)


And I'm still going...

In a modern context, I'm guessing that the corporation would become a large employer of the public (thereby controlling incomes), and would control certain basic necessaries such as water, electricity and gas by buying them controlling ownership of them when they were privatised. If they continued in this way, eventually the only way to financially and physically survive would be to not get on the corporation's bad side. The corporation itself could probably rule in a relative democracy (the democracy would be between the board members, effectively reducing it to the ruling class and working class) and would probably still be based on basic commercialism (albeit, they would always retain power and wealth by the fact that they could pressure anyone into giving them the prices they want, or force people into buying things at the prices they set, thus ensuring that they continue to rule. Unless, there was an problem within the corporation itself, it should be fairly protected from outside forces.). Depending upon the company, the idea has the chance of actually being a generally just and charitable regime for the ordinary person. If that happened, the ones that would resent it most would be those who are rich but outside the corporation, as they would know it was impossible for them to gain control, even though they could live very comfortably.

Most likely there would be those that lived outside the system, rebels and the like, who would suffer without the same utilities as those working for the corporation, or living within the system. However, without the resources and with the lower standard of living, they wouldn't actually pose much of a threat to the corporation, and could be tolerated on the outskirts. (Yes, I am thinking of Ai No Kusabi... It's an anime where the planet is supposedly ruled by a giant computer, but in reality it's ruled by the upper class who do interplanetary business with the AI's support. The system works well, pets aside. *g*)

It comes down not to communism, or fascism, but monopolies. The real problem in setting up such a corporation, and managing such a coup, is getting around anti-monopoly laws. The other problem is achieving it on a global scale. On a national scale, it could be done, however it is a good deal harder to monopolize global commodities than national ones.

Ummm... Is that too much? *g* Okay, I'm going to do some actual work now. Or pretend to, at least.

Her vocabulary was as bad as like, you know, whatever

Um. So. Feel free to drop in, say hi, I'm so and so, and it's your icons that just dragged me in.

Hi, I'm Lainy. Um, at the risk of sounding like a stalker, I have you in my friends list, and your site in my favourite links. *sheepish grin* A friend recommended your site to me, and I fell in love with your stories. I jumped to your LJ when I found out you posted your stories here before you posted them at your site. The fact that you constantly put really good recs in your posts made sure I added you to my friends list.

I've always been kind of shy about posting comments to your posts because I wasn't sure if you would see it as an intrusion. I don't mind that you never get a chance to look at my LJ - I'm surprised and impressed that you would even bother. I'm more than happy to simply continue to read the stories you write, and those you recommend - plus your icons are really cool, even if you don't make 'em yourself *bg*

Um. So. Feel free to drop in, say hi,

So, um, yeah. Hi. It's all celli's fault. It's always her fault. Her taxfic was what brought me over here the first time. Then, well . . . actually, I friended you because of the recs. I'm just figuring out the whole Smallville thing, and you are saving me metric tons of time. So far, haven't disagreed with one of your comments/recs, so I'm just going to work my way through them. :)

whoops. Premature sending is going to be the death of me someday. My name is Beth and I'm turning into a Smallville addict. Help.

There are corporations that are well-run, and corporations that are badly run, and everything in between on the ethical and efficiency scales -- thus the term "corporate culture." I like to think that a "good" (but scary) corporation would run the world... well, rather the way Singapore is run. Personal freedoms -- like the kind in the American Bill of Rights -- aren't big there, I gather, and the government has an amazing amount of power over you. But most people lead fairly happy, decent lives. (All this with the caveat that I'm not exactly a political expert, I just watch a lot of documentaries. *g*)

An interesting take on giving up personal freedoms and privacy to a "good" corporation is Niven and Pournelle's *Oath of Fealty.* The people who signed onto living under the corporate banner willingly agreed to give up all privacy in return for security -- and they were pretty happy about it.

And here's an example of what might be corporate big-brotherism: I don't have the sharpest memory of this, but there's some place in the world (might've been Singapore, might not) where the taxpaying citizens were complaining that young vandals thought it was amusing to pee in the elevators. So the government handled it by putting cameras in elevators, and then airing the "pee-ers" on the nightly news, humiliating them. It's not something the US would do, but there was a certain elegance to the solution -- no court hassles, no time expended by juries, judges, lawyers; just the disapproval of your peers.

What intrigues me about the idea of a corporation running the world (assuming this isn't just a Big, Bad Corporation Run By Tyrants) is that it offers an opportunity to approach problems creatively. I don't mean "unhampered by the Bill of Rights," because I happen to like individual freedom -- but it's an interesting thing to think about. What if the people running the world had enormous power, but weren't out to use it to crush the populace and build prettier palaces? What if they just wanted to improve the corporation (which would include everyone in the world)?

One thing, though -- if you mean, in real life, rather than dramatically -- I've spent some time in corporate America, and came away with this bit of truth: Large companies go through stages. First, they notice that things are run inefficiently, with different departments doing different things, and they decide there's too much chaos and not enough control. So they centralize power and combine departments. This goes on for a while, new people come into the company, old people leave. Then people notice that the company's become too hidebound; it can't respond quickly enough when it has to. So, brilliant idea, they start de-centralizing it. This goes on for a while. A few more years go by, and they start to notice that things aren't being run as efficiently as they could be...

Forever. Really, I think it's like breathing in and out, and if one company lasted for a thousand years, you'd find the same thing happening.

In the US, we have the tug of war between federal and states' rights, but it all has to go through the legislature and judiciary. A corporation could just hold a few meetings and then start changing things.

hi! i'm lifeinwords (lyndsay) and i friended you...because your stories are one reason i've been obsessed w/ smallville, slash, and fandom for the past nine months, and why i'm now writing academic articles on my obsession. also, because i've checked your diary and LJ at least once a day for a while, looking for new fic, recs, and thoughts on fandom or life in general; once sucked in to the craziness of LJ, it made sense to friend those i read consistently--makes everything easier. but no pressure. :) am currently beginning to write myself, and stop lurking around and actually converse w/ fellow fans, despite sometimes rabid panic at the thought of putting myself out there. but here i go anyway. so there i am, the who and the why.

Feel free to drop in, say hi, I'm so and so,

On that note, I'd like to say hi and thanks for the recent plug of "Edges of White." 'Twas most unexpected and kind of you. I've been rather shy about linking to your LJ, but your stories and recs are so addicting, I can't help but want more. *g* You've lured me out of my corner.

Popping in. Saying Hi!

I'm Michelle and I put you on my friend's list because I love your Smallville fics. Heh, I wrote you a gushy email about them a few months ago and now I'm watching you!

Be afraid, be very afraid. :-)

HOW would a corporation rule the world?

Dis.Ney. Without going *too* conspiracy theory on you, Disney owns half the world. No, really. They aren't the only ones, either, but. When you have the power to produce, distribute, and promote the music, movies, news, and TV of the entire modern world, it would be very easy to also control information...which they do. All the while, programming the next generation to buy their stuff and trust them. blahblahcynicalcakes.

Rule the World?

Corporation ruling the world? Hmmm....well, here goes:

Step 1: Make the corporation indispensible.

If the corporation started in America, I think it would first have to be selling something that the government BADLY needed, but couldn't really supply itself with. Probably because of cost or effeciency...but if I'm thinking in Lexian terms, I would make it a product or service that was patented or otherwise protected, so that the goverment HAD to do business with me and no one else, and could not legally make it or do it itself.

Step 2: Avoid monopoly charges, and thus, being disbanded.

Like I said, I would corner the market legally, through patenting or something. Otherwise, the law against monopolies would come into play.

Step 3: Get legislation pushed through to legalize trading with Cuba.

This sounds weird, I know, but the reason for this one is that Cuba's constitution allows for 100% of their land to be owned by foreign investors. LexCorp could take up shop there, and be the ruling power, with the Cuban goverment liking his boots and relegating to a mere ceremonial position. This would show the world that he was capable of ruling well, making the world's general population trust him, setting the stage for the next step. During this step, Lex should be making himself known in Congress or the Cabinet while simultaneoulsy controling Cuban economics...heck, it'd be great if he could be the Secretary of State or something and thus have REASON to be meddling with foreign governments. He'd be known as the savior of democracy or something!

Step 4: During a major crisis, (or maybe Lex CAUSES the crisis?), LexCorp simultaneously offers its services and Lex becomes President. If America is tramatized enough, it will fall into his lap easily--people will do anything for survival, and with Lex's previous record for statesmenship, people will trust him. With that kind of clout, he could easily Amend the Constituation...and make whatever he wants legal. (I mean, jeez, Lincoln enacted martial law in someplaces, and people were ok with that during the civil war. And we once had that stupid Temperance act...and Blue Laws...really, anything is possible.) If the crisis lasts long enough, the system will be built up around LexCorp, and after the crisis is past, people would be ishy about shaking the boat...and heck, by then Lex has ammended everything in the legal system to fit his own purposes. After America is Lex's, heck, he'd move on to the world.

Well, that's my theory!

Mara Celes

Okay, I'm going to seriously need to think about this for a bit. Or you know, until the day the challenge is due, so as to keep up with my flawless procrastination record.

Just remember that being late with the fic means public mocking and humiliation.

Well, you know, we like to read your fic. You write fun things and rec things. And thus, we added you. Given that we almost never talk about smallville and spend 90% of our lj time talking about the sparkly rps-y fandom we write in, we don't really expect you to friend us. Unless you really wanted a break from Clark and Lex and needed to hear a lot about, well, us, and Lance and Justin and Chris and JC. :)

Honestly, we have more than a few people on our friends' list who have never friended us and it's not something that we take personally.

And I'm not using the royal we, it's a shared journal. But I understand the wanting to KNOW and now have gone on too long.

Hi, I'm Elisha. Umm...what everyone else said. The fic, the recs, all are wonderful. Add me to the surprised that you've checked out my journal camp. Now I'm all tingly. *g*

Also, Sleep While I Drive was the first story I read in this fandom, and you dragged me in (not quite kicking and screaming).

*Um. So. Feel free to drop in, say hi, I'm so and so*

Hi! I’m Eileen. Well here goes…
On Dec. 19th I was an average fan of Smallville and Lex Luthor. I had never heard of fanfiction.
On Dec. 20th I was handed a copy of 'Sleep While I Drive'. Three hours later (I read slowly, but voraciously) I was your slave; and I was obsessed with Clex.
Your ability to tell a story is…astounding, riveting, breathtaking, heartwarming, fun, hot (oh yeah…hot)…
I become one hundred percent vested in the Lex and Clark that you write. What I enjoy, or what engages me, most is the way you use all the senses to tell your story. I can see the color of the sky. I can hear the beating of his heart. I can taste the strawberries and champagne. I can feel the silk rubbing against his skin. I can smell Lex. :)
And then you started writing 'Somewhere I Have Never Traveled'. I had to get a LJ of my own and friend you so I could wait in eager anticipation of the daily installment!

So between your stories and your recs you have been a great source for getting SV fixes for this budding SV junkie. Thanks for the highs.

I could probably continue gushing for pages, but I wouldn’t want a restraining order filed against me. However, if you feel the need for more gush, woobies, etc. let me know.


my name's also jenn (damn the 70's) but i usually sign rm. i friended you because everyone's lj i read referenced your 'humanclark' story. i haven't read it yet, but i look forward to it.
oh and happy late b-day. or early for next year!

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