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(no subject)
children of dune - leto 1
Okay. For reference.

I'm goign to (probably) be offline from Saturday August20 - August 29. We're just completing the move, but road runner and telephone aren't being hooked until Wednesday, which is when I'm leaving for Minnesota for six days. So. Ouch. Also, no cable until Wednesday.

You realize I'm going to go into withdrawal, right? Serious, serious withdrawal.

Okay, probably way too late to be asking this now, but does anyone know if it costs anything besides minutes to use my cell phone as a modem? I have a Sony Erikson Z something and Cingular as provider. I have googled and keep getting contradicting infromation. I just want ot be able to dial into my ISP for access. Is this going to cost extra besides minutes? I have teh data cord, but oh my God is it hard to get a straight answer about this.

Anyone? Seriously. Withdrawal, people.

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My best advice is to call Cingular's customer service for a straight answer! Best of luck on the moving!!

You might get roaming charges depending on the area you'll be in, other that that I have no clue.

Minutes and your patience - that's about it. If you are on a CDMA phone, the absolute BEST you are going to get is 9600 bps. I suggets that the last thing you do before giving up the cable is downloading a map of every starbucks within 5 miles of you.


Okay, if you're willing to go all the way to Minnesota to hang out with people you know from online, I'm simply going to have to take a full day or so off work for Neil Gaiman's signing next month so we can run into each other.

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