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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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sgareview - trinity, s2e6
snail power
I so lied. But only this once. And only a tiny bit, so I can giggle to myself quietly.

1.) Aww. John glowing over weapons! And Rodney *noticing* indulgently. It's so cute when your boyfriend understands and appreciates your obsessions.

2.) Rodney's blink of shock when John understood the capabiliites of the weapon. I think he completely forgets between episodes that John's not just *pretty*. And I think John deliberately makes sure Rodney forgets, just so he can see him look like that.

3.) All the cute little scientists running aroudn doing their thing. Seriously, if there is one thing that I love to watch, it's the montages of the science team doing their thing. It's just so--fantastic.

4.) Seriously. Rodney says, I am smarter than the Ancients. And John says, okay, I believe that. Rodney's like, trust me. John's nodding agreement with his cute little, McKay is a god of all things scientific look. He also hasn't shaven. Sometimes, God really is kind to me.

5.) John protecting Rodney from himself. *Of course* he does. All glowy and confident and my God, John, *breathe now*.

6.) Pretty much anytime Rodney goes into obsessive mode, which is ninty-five percent of the ep. That is hot. And I almost mean this in a platonic way, except I really just think, this would be even better if he was somewhat naked. Hell, stripped to a t-shirt. I'd be happy.

7.) John's little fighter plane analogy. That was adorable.

8.) And this may be just me--but while Ronan and Teyla came back from doing--what did they do, I fast forwarded--you can hear the background argument between Rodney and Elizabeth. That was *great*. I want to sit down and listen to see if I can hear it all.

9.) John and Rodney's little chat in the hall and on the way to the transporter. Rodney *running* to catch up. He saved him for last. Of course. I hope you won't lose faith in me. John's--gah. I have no way to express that ending other than with deep love. Deep, deep love. That was *perfect*.

10.) And this is just to bring it up to ten, since pretty much *eveyr other scene* with John and Rodney was my favorite--I love this show so much.

That is all. I am going to *squee myeslf into a coma* real quick, kay?

Okay, I admit it, this is my new obsessive fandom. That means icons. I must hunt them up.

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The end!! There's hope!!! Oh God, John totally could have walked away and said "fuck you" but he didn't!! He told Rodney he could fix it!! *flails*

He was *grinning when he said it*. He so caved. He was so in pissy mode, and Rodney made him *cave*.

I am never going to stop squeeing, am I?

Oh, I hope not. i hope the shiny and the pretty last foreeeeever.

He *totally* caved!! There will be copious blow jobs and OMG you *know* John brought back that leather collar from last week, and that is TOTALLY going to be used.

I think I just keeeled myself. Excuse me.

1. I know! It's just, his dorkiness! And Rodney's all, "Look how my boyfriend *lights up* when we mention weapons!"

2. Hi, John being smrt is the HOTTEST THING EVER.

5. Ohmigod, how gay was this scene? That *look* on his face.

9. Could the writers have made it any more slashy? Hello, Rodney saved him for last. And he is all woe! And -- [flails]

(Um, hi, I know I'm a total stranger, but I was introduced to your SGA fic and fell utterly in love, and totally haven't given proper feedback yet, but I will. Er, hopefully.)

1.) That is the cutest. Thing. Ever.

2.) Isn't it though? Rodney reacts *every time*. That's probably why John does it so rarely--just for the kick of seeing that.

5.) Oh. Hell. Yes.

9.) Not without nudity, my friend. Wow.

And hi! Nice to meet you!

Surfed by via friends of friends...

I think he completely forgets between episodes that John's not just *pretty*.

LOL! I think you are so right. And I'll bet John really works the pretty, too. But seriously, they should have been holding hands at this point in the ep, because it was *that* damn slashy.

except I really just think, this would be even better if he was somewhat naked. Hell, stripped to a t-shirt.

I'd even settle for unzipping the neckline of the shirt. Why oh why must you keep it so zipped up, Rodney!! Have mercy on your fangirls. I almost hyperventilated last week when he did the unzipping thing. So damn sexy.

Aieee! I'm trying to think my download faster.

Me, too. And I am totally dumb and can't stop clicking on the pretty cuts.

This episode really was one constant *squee*, wasn't it? The ending, if I wasn't already dead, done for, kaputt and killed from the John/Rodney moments in the episode, the smile and promise that the ending left, the *smile* Rodney quirked, knowing he could fix it.

So. So. SO wonderful.

(in other words, I nod happily in agreement with your top 10 :)

Thing I love about fandom, #9867854: When I'm feeling like a 13 yo girl cuz I'm so squeeful about an ep, there's a slew of other adults feeling the same way. *g* I too love all of the above, and more. I need to go to sleep, but I'm all bouncy! Maybe squeeing myself into a coma too will work... ;)

i think the first two were my all time favorite. especially the indulgent little smile :-)

Oh, so with you. Love love LOVE! I can't manage a top ten because this ep pretty much blew every gasket in my head. So I, uhm, think I'll just have to re-watch a few times to - assess your list. Yep, that's why I'll be doing it.

I cannot believe how slashy that episode was! That was the slashiest slash that's ever been slashed!

Nyaaah, everyone is LOVING this ep and it's killing me to wait until tonight to get my tapes and watch it.

Science montage? John being Smart? Rodney Angstpuppies, ahoy?
*whimper* is it 9pm yet?

Oh yes. John is so very pretty, but when he brings the smarts too? *see Pouncer swoon*

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