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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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sga tonight
flying pig
Just one comment, non-spoilery, and breaking my own promise to myself that I would not post about my favorite show in the universe ever, cause that way lies madness and possibly overanalyzing things....

Oh. Wow. *Yes*.

That is all.

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I am in the happiest place. Ever.

Seriously. Wow.

You know, there is no way I can be verbal about this. Because--omg, wow. That was *good*.

yeah. I... *sporfle* Oh, man, john's last line? There is hope there. yes. Hope.

I'm so excited I can't capitalize correctly!

YES a thousand times over!! *clutches at chest in bliss*

I am in teh squee zone.

(Deleted comment)
Oh yeah. Tons of happy screencaps. *Miles* of them.

*blissing out*

WHEE!! I'm so excited to be sharing squee with people about TV again! *dances*

Yes! Yes! LOVE!


I don't *do* meta. That's y'alls job! But... damn this show!!

If it gets me writing fic I may have to Force Choke a bitch... *grumbles, drools*

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