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I'd like to say my day began like any other, but it didn't, as I had two hours this morning off to do a few things. Once at my office, I discovered that the program we use to determine eligibilty was down, *again*, so could not do anything. Since all of my work that doesn’t involve putting my files in the file room is computer based.


Along with Mel, I decided to plot sedition against HHSC, and suffice to say, I am feeling rebellious and professionally suicidal. Also, I had too much sugar. Hmm.

The Thing

The problem with mainlingn Farscape season one for four days straight is that one looks down, one sees an alien on one's folders, and one, of course, assumes it's an intelligent virus, a bodysnatcher, or someone from the wormhole to give me equations I don't want. Yelling for Mel, I ran for my desk and stayed *on* it until it was identified as a *gekko*. Of course, I don't believe that nonsense, so me and my files went to the file room--some say run, but that's nonsense--while *they* got possessed by the thing.

They came to get me after they promised they took it outside and released it to its people on its own recognizance. Yeah. Hmm.

The Zombie

My last interview of the day was a nice man who, it turns out, died in May.


You know. I'm torn. But I think any day you can run down the halls saying you interviewed someone who's dead is a pretty good day.


The Last Walk Home by auburnnothenna - part of slodwick's Worst Case Scenario Challenge. I totally did not see that coming, but I guess I should have. Seriously, *wonderful*.

Shouldn't by lierdumoa - because after the first one, you will *really need this*. Beautiful, wistful McKay/Sheppard, and hot as can be. I love her so much. And whining and whimpering *really do* get you what you want! Yay!

Day? Good.
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