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sex object one
Fat Free

To preface: if you are a fat-free milk, or fat-free anything person, go you! You are healthier than I am. And also have very, very different taste buds. I mean this in the spirit of tolerance and love for my fellow man.

Who. Keeps. Buying. The. Fat. Free. Milk?

Okay, I have hit my ceiling for understanding those who live with me, live near me, or in some capacity feed me. This includes restaurants that keep offering me *fat free blackberry pie* and *fat free cheesecake* and God help us all and every one, *fat free chocolate*, because that's like going up to a rancher and expecting no steaks on the grill. I am that person. I am in the fat-food zone.

Just--it's *white water*, not milk. Once, someone tried to trick me by putting the fat free milk in a whole milk container. I KNEW! And I always know. I know when my cheese is low calorie, I know when my milk is sucked of all fatty goodness and by God and every saint in the catalogue, this has got to stop now. I now navigate my favorite food aisle of all, teh frozen dinners, surrounded by Lean Cuisines that get like, fifty lockers, and yesterday, my son expressed a desire for fat free frozen yogurt. (and how the hell do you spell that?)

The betrayal is *breathtaking*.

I'm going to have to farm my own fat, aren't I? I'll be the last one, buying up the last of the high calorie mayonaisse and raising my own sad little cows and they keep *giving me fat-free chicken breasts* and I feel like this is some kind of really bad movie where everyone si trying to lower my cholesterol and blood pressure and make me healthy and I dn't *want* to be, by God. And for that matter, my blood pressure is low enough, thank you, and if it wasn't, well, I'll trade my blood pressure for whole milk, whipped cream, and fully-sugared, fully-buttered, covered in vanilla bean ice cream chocolate brownies, and I DON'T CARE.

As you can see, this hasnt' been one of my better food days.

Oh, look, Atlantis fic! *points*


The Gun Thing by out_there - because some people still love me and write me kinky fic, and I'm all, ooh, because *pretty weapons* and *pretty John* and these things go together very much. Yes. Happy. Read now.

For drinking, I'm more of a 1% girl myself, 2% I can handle, but whole tastes like cream to me.

Skim milk is perfectly serviceable to float yummy cereals on. You don't notice that much (especially if you wean slowly down to 2%, 1%.), and if it's a daily part of your diet, the calorie savings adds up.

There are also these... dynamilk I think it's called? It's a skim that they make taste creamier by adding in milk solids... which, not sure I want to know more details than that, but to my mouth it tastes like a decent 1-2%

YMMMV (Your Milk Mileage May Vary)

2% I can live with.

It's a skim that they make taste creamier by adding in milk solids

Okay, now my nightmares include milk *solids* chasing after me.

*blinks slowly* I am afraid.

Yes, fat-free milk is like white water.

But I think milk is gross, and putting *water* on cereal is just *weird*. So it's a good compromise.

My sister hates milk with a passoion.

*grins* What do you put on your cereal?

You're going to think I'm totally abnormal, but I'm not capable of drinking anything other than the skim milk. Anything else tastes heavy to me. Even in my tea (I don't drink coffee). I can't eat cottage cheese that's any heavier/fattier than 2% fat, and I only eat fat free yoghurts. Anything else just tastes weird to me.

A lot of my friends and coworkers feel *exactly the same way*. I feel abandoned, really, a tiny island clutching fatty milk while everyone around me is going teh fat free route.

I begin to think I have abandonment issues. OTOH, there is rarely a shortage of whole milk now. So maybe it balances, cosmically.

Whole milk is GROSS. I judge!


*hides with the ONE TRUE MILK*

When I switched to skim, I was young enough that I didn't really notice the difference. Now, full or even 2% tastes really funky. :-)

It's like I'm in a whole new world. This is totally like that song--I am connecting to Duran Duran's Ordinary World *so much* right now.

The hubby and I have gone 100% soy. The vanilla kind is like the sweet heavy milk that's left over when the kid-sugary cereal has been eaten out of it. Not bad at all. The normal stuff is not-so-good.

I think the fat content is almost the same as real milk though.

My son was on soy for about a year. He never noticed the difference. It was very, very scary.

Hmm. Intersting about the taste. Huh.

Myself, I'm trapped in the 1%-2% zone. Whole milk makes me queasy, skim milk makes me puzzled (I thought you said it was milk! This isn't milk!).

Thing is, I've reached a point where I need to start watching what I eat, but a) I'm not at all convinced that eating the same things, only this time fat-free! helps at all, and b) it's a travesty. Things that have fat in them naturally... just do! (Except milk. But that's just because that's how my mother raised me, so there was no choice involved.) If I want something fat free, I'll go eat something that never had it to begin with!

Myself, I'm trapped in the 1%-2% zone. Whole milk makes me queasy, skim milk makes me puzzled (I thought you said it was milk! This isn't milk!).

See? It's NOT JUST ME! It's *strange*. It's bluish, or weird, or something scary.

If I want something fat free, I'll go eat something that never had it to begin with!

Say it loud. Say it PROUD.

*clings to you on an island of True Dairy amidst a rising tide of fat-free foods*

We stand united against the Others.


(Deleted comment)
I have a dislike for long life milk, and skim milk. WHat a surprise that the only milk in my house at the moment is both long life and skim. Damn my health conscious housemates. Damn them to Hades and back. Plus, whislt I don't mind low fat frozen yougurt, I have an aborrance for low fat/fat free ice cream, for it is an abomination.

I remember reading a thingy about one of the olsen twins, it was a photo of her eating with the caption "Mary-Kate enjoys a no sugar, no fat, low carb treat." And I was like, yeah right. Enjoyed.

And I was like, yeah right. Enjoyed.

*cries. bitterly*

What kind of a world do we *live* in where antyhign no sugar, no fat, low-carb is a *treat*? WHAT KIND OF A WORLD?

Dude my roomate and I were talking about this tonight because we have to buy new milk tomorrow.

I don't like milk. In fact I *hate* milk, but we need it to cook and for my cereal, so we're going to get fat free again because neither of us use milk in the capacity where we'll be tasting it, so might as well go with the thing that's kinda healthy. Seeing as I drink so much soda, I need to balance out somewhere. ;)

*giggles* I suppose cereal-milk has differnet rules for application.

I love milk with the fire of a thousand suns... and yet, I cannot tell a difference between 2% and skim. Not even a little. Or maybe I just don't care... but my family gets 2% for my dad and brothers and skim for my mom and me, but I just grab whichever one is closest or fuller or whatever, and it always tastes exactly the same to me. *shrugs*

Hmm. I can't really tell the differnece between two percetn and one percent at all, though. Except in the color of my coffee.


Honestly? It's a case where once you do it, you don't go back. I went on a diet about ten years ago, and the first week it was poison. But I can't drink real milk now, it's like swallowing a mouthful of fat. If people make me tea and I don't yell out fast enough, it's like there's a layer of animal fat in it. I eat full-fat everything *else* though. :-D

So it's adaptive? Hmm.

Very hmmm.

I am still scared, yet intrigued now.

I'm going to have to farm my own fat, aren't I?

I have an image in my mind of you in hipwaders, whistling happily while tending to glistening fields of gelatinous...stuff....

I love whole milk, and yet, my ancient body doesn't. *sigh* Some of us are fat-free through no choice of our own.

"What a drag it is getting old.' *GRIN*

I'm going to have to farm my own fat, aren't I?
*sporfles* >:D

Yay you! Oh yes, fat is what makes foods taste good.

Actually, the only milk I drink is Chocolate Milk. Which makes whole milk (and anything else, really) seem healthy by comparison.