Seperis (seperis) wrote,

quick recs

You know, it's much easier to keep track of stories I love if I write it down somewehre.


Constitutional Crisis by fabularasa - okay, wonderful plotline idea here, and also, oh man, the *hot*. Just--something about talking about the sex you are going to have? Does. Things. In good ways. Mindbendingly good ways. But also, *very cool* plot there.

The Start Line by dvswraatins - a fantastic bit of Ronan pov as he considers Atlantis, joining the team, and his interaction with his potential team members. But seriously, the best part, for me, was his view of John. That *worked*.

Happiness is fic.

justabi - still not seeing you around. *eyes you* Come out, come out, wherever you are....

*bouncing still* I've had way too much sugar today. As can be inferred by teh bouncing.
Tags: recs: stargate:atlantis 2005
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