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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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stayed home
children of dune - leto 1
Sick. Very, very sick. Very sad here.

It's this stupid rain. Headache, oversleeping, congestion, all the ick things, except the oversleeping, which is kind of fun, but still.


You know, at this point, I feel weird if I *don't* cover every mundane detail of my life.

Mall, tax-free weekend, children's jeans half-price, and also, three dressing rooms. The other parents circled the three dressing rooms like piranhas waiting for a weak link, and here's what I learned.

Grab Child, throw him into line, put clothes in his arms, and tell him, you see a door open, you *go*. And you get out of line, no cookies for *you*, kiddo. This works. Also, Child is the most awkward size in creation. God, I went overboard, and I know I did. But--I love shopping for him. It's even better than shopping for myself. It's *fun*. And comparatively speaking to other children, in my Child-centric view, he's the essence of patience.

Also, became weak, and me and the Levis on sale and the Gap became one. Go ahead, mock me. I challenge anyone to find a more comfortably bland store where they, miraculously, always have plain, long-sleeved t-shirts in my size and in multiple *colors*. Okay, so my standbys are grey and white, but they go with *everything* and in three washes, are as comfortable as pajamas. And no matter what three items I pick out--everything always matches.

There is no bad there.

And I'm a Registered Drug Buyer

Or, new thing, walked into Wal-Mart and they have little *cards* that you have to *take to the pharmacist* and then they *ID* you and take your ID and enter all kinds of information into the checkout from it before yours truly can buy Tylenol Allergy Complete. Then they look at you suspiciously when you buy two boxes, and then you are kind of tempted to ask for a *crate* of it for your own personal use, just because that pissed you off so much.

I'm not boggled, but I think I may have gotten offensive when I asked if I was supposed to salute the regime now or later. I'm just surprised they let me walk out of there with that compressed air thingie *and* medication.

You know, it's not that I don't get where this is coming from. I just don't quite get, since we are all, say, *human*, and have been for the last ten thousand years, why anyone thinks restricting sale of anything has ever actually *stopped* drug use. They can slow it down--and in the fifteen minutes I stood tehre waiting for approval for over the counter medication, I thought of five ways around this--but seriously, this is what we call inconvenience, and let's face it, if you're really feeling the urge to burn out your own brain, inconvenience isn't going to stop you. Armed people don't stop you.

I'm goign to ponder this for a while.

And adding on before I hit post: Pru finished Hindsight, SGA AU. If you were waiting for her to be done for fear of her WIPs, well, fear no more, all done, all good, and that ending was so fantastic I was *bouncing*.

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I got put through this insanity when I was at CVS this weekend, trying to buy a box of Pseudofed for Annie.

Sweet Jesus, they did everything but pull a State Police Criminal Record search and fingerprint me. For a crappy $2.79 box of freaking Pseudofed.

Consdiering how long she took on that damn *computer*? I'm wodnering if she *was* pulling my FBI file or something.

Seriously. That was *freaky*.

I was just commenting below that it's because there's a big crackdown on sudafed sales because people are buying it up to melt down to make crystal meth or X or one of those drugs.

I'm not boggled, but I think I may have gotten offensive when I asked if I was supposed to salute the regime now or later.

Go you!

*sigsh* I'd be more ashamed of myself if I hadn't been so literally *shocked* I was being carded for *allergy medicine*. Seriously. That was bizarre.

Then they look at you suspiciously when you buy two boxes, and then you are kind of tempted to ask for a *crate* of it for your own personal use, just because that pissed you off so much.

In the last days of 2004, I was trying to make sure I didn't waste anything in my medical Flexible Spending Plan, so I was buying anything that I might conceivably need that would qualify. I thought, "Hmmm, Tylenol. I could use that, my mom could use that." I was so surprised to see the big bottles of Extra Strength Tylenol behind locked cabinets. I had a fetch a salesgirl to get it for me, and I couldn't even carry it around as I did my shopping. I had to leave it at the front check out. I thought it was odd, but had no idea that they're controlling these over-the-counter things on such a large scale. I wonder if these OTCs are used to make illicit drugs or something? Otherwise, I just don't get it.

The pseudophedrine based ones are a base for meth.

But I'm really trying to work out what's in Extra Strength Tylenol right now. Cause I can't think of a thing.


Nothing I recognise about the primary ingredient - Acetaminophen. It is an analgesic so I suppose it could be cooked into some form of non-opiate homebake.

Some of the Tylenol varients also include pseudoephidrine. That might be enough to tar the whole brand.

It's not just happening in America either...

then you are kind of tempted to ask for a *crate* of it for your own personal use, just because that pissed you off so much.

My thought *exactly*! Last time I went into Target I saw the little card things and was so very tempted to grab a handful and try to buy ten of them just to see them *try* to tell me I couldn't buy them. Subversive isn't it *eg*

*nodndonod* And when you do it, smile insanely and *twitch*. Oh yes. I was *so in that place*.

urg. I feel your pain. Literally. Came down with some sort of cold on the plane back home.

Scuttlebutt is that since it's harder to get drugs into the country due to hightened border security home grown drugs such as meth are on the rise, particularly among kids. Seriously though, I dunno about tylenol, except that maybe they thought you were going to resell it?

I'm sorry that you're feeling rough. I hope you feel better soon.

WalMart or whatever it's called: I hear you. I was in there a few weeks ago when I was in SF, buying cough medicine, and the lady asked to see my driving licence. I was so baffled, I blurted out, 'It's a cough bottle, not a car!' And then she asked for my passport instead! I was somewhat surprised.

You're right, the limiting of purchase of non-prescription meds is stupid. My local supermarket (in Dublin) has a sign up saying you can't buy more than one packet of painkillers in one transaction. Doesn't stop you buying 20 packets in 20 transactions, of course.

The ephedrine-containing thing is so stupid... they did kindasorta have to do something, because a Walgreens in Denton was selling the stuff hundreds of boxes at a go. No lie. The transaction quoted in the article involved a SHOPPING CART FULL of cold meds. And hey, there wasn't a law against it... but dammit, I now have to handover my license twice a month and I have to go when the damn pharmacy is open. *grump* When I lived next to a Super K and worked graveyard, I did all my shopping at three in the morning and loved it. I so hate people.

Anything with pseudephedrine in it (like the Tylenol allergy) is suspect these days because that's what they melt down to make crystal meth or something like that. So there are laws in some states actually that you have to keep allergy meds behind the counter and ask for them and everyone can only buy one box at a time.

Pseudophedrine is actually illegal in Japan.

Which isn't to say we didn't bring it over anyway.

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