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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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diva 2
I will not surf at amazon just because I got a bonus at work. I do not need an ipod.

I *dont'*.

Hey, I didn't know they came in colors!

*sighs* Problem: my work connection is in the Ts, and I have an entire hour of lunch. Y'all, I was *this close* to a cellphone yesterday. Luckily, I broke down before me and my cart became one, but seriously.

I'm getting all excited about the concept of buying *screwdrivers* for God's sake.

This so cannot end well.

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Need a new computer? Apple's having a free iPod mini promotion if you buy a new laptop or something... *is evil*

Don't tempt me. God, don't tempt me. After you said this, I went to look at apple.com. God, if I coudl afford a powerbook....

I was *drooling*. So not dignified.

If it helps at all, I've heard that the free mini thing is only for academic purchasers (university I.D. carriers). They ARE giving a $100 rebate on a printer when purchased with a computer through the end of September... ;)

My iPod mini is shiny and gold. It's name is Lex II (Lex because it's shiny and sexy and II because Lex I died on me). Shiny. Sexy. *and* it plays music. Of course there's also Tivo... *evil grin*

I hate you so much right now.


ipod mini! *sniffles*

Yay, bonus. No spending until September. *g*

And send me your itinerary.

I'm sorr, we got busy this afternoon. I'llhaveit for you tomorrow.

fark.com, Gawker.com, defamer.com, wonkette.com, griddskipper.com, lifehacker.com and, if you have a door to or office, fleshbot.com

Great timekillers. Last is NSFW.

For more fun shopping, or inspiration for kinkfic, http://extremerestraints.com


Ooh, you are evil. Very very very evil.

but--what is NSFW?

Nver mind, got it. I really need to get brushed up on my acronyms.

That's okay Jenn,

My sister says Lee and I have completely corrupted my eleven year old niece, Amber. Her eyes light up whenever we take her to either Office or Home Depot. Computer or Home Improvement stuff... What more could anyone ask. ;)

You are an inspiration to us all.


(Deleted comment)
I spent *so much time* comparing laptops it's not even funny. I want them *all*. I want one of each.

hi longtime lurker here. sorry, this is completely shameless and generally just bad bad bad. but I was wondering if you could direct me somewhere i could dl episodes from S1 of SGA, now that you've got me hooked and all. please?

*pipes down*

Ooh, I have no idea, other than bittorrnet. I had mine mailed to me. If youwant, I could mail you copies of my DVDs.

oooo, that would be fantastic. I would be so grateful. bittorrents basically failed on me. I have nothing I could give you, but you're definitely down for my firstborn. That and I have some anime stuff (specifically Hikaru no Go and Full Metal Alchemist), if you want. but yes! thank you

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