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The Toybox

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snakes snakes everywhere
children of dune - leto 1
Well, to cap off a day of *moving boxes*, a snake crawled between my feet and ended with me on a table with my second genuine adrenaline rush of my life. Not quite as good as psycho client, since my terror of snakes is considerably higher than that of other human beings, but. Yes.

So you know, my snake fear? Could now actually be a phobia, if the dizziness and mindless terror are any indication.

Please. Carry on. I am never, *ever* going outside again. Hell, I may not leave my room if not sedated.

Between. My. Feet.

I think I need to lay down now.

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*shrieks quietly* Uh. I woke up with one next to me when I was wee, staring me right in the face on a pillow.

It only took me about eight years to stop having that come in nightmares.


Geez! I thought you were moving away from the snakes! Or are you still working on that? *pets you*

I have to say, I've touched snakes (in controlled conditions, of course) and they're very, very cool to handle.

On the other hand, I live in Australia. Snakes and spiders tend to be deadly here, so I understand the fear.


I consider that to be the most frightening that could ever happen, espeially if you have a phobia.

And I have this huge phobia about snakes, I cannot even stand to watch them on TV or in any kind of print. I'm quite sure I would have needed to be sedated if that had happened to me and anyone would find it very hard trying to get me to leave my bed.

*complete commiseration with you*

awww you poor thing, *hugs* it's okay you can go outside. I'm not really afraid of snakes, but then again I don't really see them very often. Now bugs on the otherhand, eww I hate bugs *cringes* so I understand.

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