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The Toybox

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sga runner question
children of dune - leto 1
The new and annoying major--Lorn? Lorne? Lore? My closed captioning is *very* not working, so I took a guess and also, read other people's recap. I'm thinking Lorn. Right or wrong?

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No, not the new guy, the one paired up with McKay when they were hunting Ford down.

Though my happiness at the advent of Ronan Dex cannot be enough stated. Cause wow. He and Teyla have a serious minimal-clothes thing going on there. I approve heartily.

Oh! Wade from Smallville! He played Major Lorne.

No ideaabout the name - but I was hit by an idea this morning for the bunny we were talkinga bout last night.

What if it WASN'T Rodney that Kavanough caught him with?


I'm just thinking....

Okay, let me just say, oooh. Is this an *other than* or a *in addition to* kind of thing?

Either way, you have my total attention. Very total attention.

heh - I'm working on it - tlak to you tonight!

Hey! I have story feedback for you!


Email or AIM tonight?

*bounces more*

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