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The saddest thing is, the high point of my day was getting a perfectly legitimate chance to yell at my supervisor. And get away with it. A lot of it has to do with me catching her off her game. Some has to do with the fact I bought her a cake for her birthday for the office. Yeah. I'm totally the office whore. And not even in a fun, sexy way. Mostly in a food-related way.

Trying to explain the joy of this is impossible, but it really comes close to death by chocolate, the real kind, with hot fudge. I mean, nothing is *quite* that good--but we're definitely talking in the pre-orgasmic range of whoo and hoo.

There's really no good story to go with it, sadly--it was a blitz day, which means an interview every thirty minutes. One of the things I am careful to keep hidden is that, technically, I only need fifteen minutes, because I use that stolen fifteen minutes per hour to finish other work, instead of doing what everyone else is doing--to wit, skipping work. I also gave a long lecture to my immediate superior (worker IV, not supervisor) about how our new motto should not be excellence, but rather, those not *caught* fucking up shall inherit the jobs. Also, that it actually *is* better to be marginally adequate than good. Good takes *time*. Adequate really doesn't. Hell, incompetence takes less, and I'm seriously considering trying it out for size.

So I am zen in work. I will be Adequate. And sometimes, I'll share my Toll House brownie bars, if people ask nicely.


You know, I miss reccing. SGA unless otherwise noted.

The Reverse of Fascinatoin by shrift, light, light spoilers for Intruder. Sheppard is very, very bored. Rodney hides under navigation panels. There's an unsuccessful crossword puzzle book. Then some other stuff. If I said why I loved it, it would start with "ooh, snark!" but, wait. It does start with that. And also the hot. Happy. I am happy.

Operation Think of Atlantis by liviapenn, first seasonish pretty. If the title doesn't clue you in on the subject matter, really, you need to really be in fandom more. Also, codpieces. And monolithic penii. Penises. Sorry, it's got to be penii. The s makes everything look wrong.

Still Water by Rachael Sabotini, second seasonish, no specific spoilers, in which there are bathhouses. *Bathhouses*. *Brilliant*. Also, fantastically *good* Sheppard/McKay, all uneven and not clean and well, you know, hot. That too.

Hindsight part 1 and part 2, very AU, with the murder attempt and the string theory model and all the sex that isn't really happening, and you really never thought that hitting on someone could be comparable to blunt force trauma, but there you go. That's Pru.


You know what else I miss? Not having my entire life in boxes. This needs to stop now.

Okay, bored now. svmadelyn--entertain me? Please?
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