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children of dune - leto 1
I had this long, long entry on badfic and then lost it. It made me sad. Grrrr. It was a GOOD entry. Stuffed full of metaphors and historical comparisons and examples.

Also mention of wishing for visual aids while reading just to figure out what on earth some of them are doing during sex.

But oh well. *sighs*


Clean by Lenore. Oh. Wow. It starts off deceptively simple and went places I had no idea it was going to go. Beautifully written, lovely characterization. I like it. VERY much.

Only You by Illuferret. Futurefic, and an interesting take on the Clark/Superman dichotomy. I liked this for a lot of reasons, not least of which everything that's going on in Clark's head.

Casualties by penelope_z. See, and she DOES this and freaks me out amazingly. Strange, surreal, and completely creepy in a highly understated way. Lex and Lionel and how truly fucked-up they are.

Well, my energy level is crashing severely. But. Gorgeous fic to read. Have I mentioned today how much I do love my fandom?

*happy sigh*

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*hugs* Thank you! That's so sweet.


Just popping over to say:

Happy Birthday, Jenn!

(Insert random birthday wishes and fan love here)

Thanks so much! *hugs*

Happy Birthday!

Oh, and I second the Clean recommendation. Very nice work. It seems as though everyone suddenly has young Lex plot bunnies.

Aww, thanks. *hugs*

And yes, the shift to young Lex is REALLY cool. I've been hoping there'd be more of it showing up.

I should send you some feedback on Human Clark soon, which I read yesterday three times, and thought about it for a couple of hours before going to sleep. Thanks for reccing me and a very Happy Birthday pretty!

*giggles* Thanks to both.

Mm. Pretty story. And you know, creepy as hell, which is Lionel to a tee. Fabulous job.

Happy Birthday to the wonderful author whose fiction first sucked me into the Smallville Fandom.

Thank you for everything!

Rumor has it that it's your birthday. *g*

Have a great one.

*laughs* Yes, and thank you very much. I had a nice day.

Yay! You're old! Woo!

*snickers* Rub it in why don't you????


shaddup, I'm still older, meimei :)

Thank you for your lovely recommendation of my story. And happy birthday! -Lenore

I'm so glad you wrote it! It really was lovely.

And thanks!

Many happy returns of the day!

Your "Rift" icon is stunning, btw.

Thanks, Koi!

*looks at icon* I'm quite fond of it m'self. Denial is a lovely thing.

(I don't know why LJ doesn't inform me of birthdays, but it never does.) Happy Birthday Jenn! I hope it's wonderful! You deserve it. :)

Me either! Drives me INSANE. I always am taken by surprise when people start wishing people birthdays.

*growls at LJ*

Thanks so much, chica. *hugs*

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