Seperis (seperis) wrote,


Hmm. Things I won't miss about rural life.

1.) Dead 'possums in the yard. Partially eaten. Still recognizable.
2.) Dead snakes in the yard. That look alive.
3.) Living snakes on the porch.
4.) Living snakes on the roof.
5.) Living snakes in the living room.
6-100.) Let's assume each of these relate to snakes.

Things I will miss, a lot.

1.) Going outside, screaming very loudly, and no one caring.
2.) Coyotes.
3.) Unexplained lights in the sky around 2 AM.
4.) Watching rain come from very far away and smashing everything in its path.
5.) Random outdoor nakedness. Not that I do that. I just always liked having the option.

*ponder this*

I'm really, really going to miss the coyotes.
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