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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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version one, frog love
Hmm. Things I won't miss about rural life.

1.) Dead 'possums in the yard. Partially eaten. Still recognizable.
2.) Dead snakes in the yard. That look alive.
3.) Living snakes on the porch.
4.) Living snakes on the roof.
5.) Living snakes in the living room.
6-100.) Let's assume each of these relate to snakes.

Things I will miss, a lot.

1.) Going outside, screaming very loudly, and no one caring.
2.) Coyotes.
3.) Unexplained lights in the sky around 2 AM.
4.) Watching rain come from very far away and smashing everything in its path.
5.) Random outdoor nakedness. Not that I do that. I just always liked having the option.

*ponder this*

I'm really, really going to miss the coyotes.

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One of the nice things about coyotes is that they're more common in urban areas than seems sensible. You may still see some sometimes.

I hope so. The sound is kind of soothing.

High speed internet makes up for a *lot*. Between that and the snakes, I'd say that you're coming out a little ahead on the Cosmic Scales.

There is that highspeed, yes. Hmm.

Come to Massachusetts sometime you'll see thousands of the little buggers here. They've moved into suburban areas in fairly large numbers. I saw one once casually walking up my driveway, another crossing the bank parking lot and still more (2 walking past the police station in town) all of these after dark or in early morning. I've been told they den in the cemetary directly across the street from me (I guess they don't get bothered a lot there LOL) They've eaten up most of the cats in the neighborhood that are still let out. You'll see those pathetic "Muffy gone missing, reward" posters and you *know* that either Muffy was hit by a car or eaten by our local coyotes.

*winces* oh poor kitties. that would hurt.

Coyotes are cool. Unless you have small livestock (i.e. goats). And then the dead kids and spooky nannies make them Not So Cool :/

In other news, I second items 2-100. *shudders* To date this season? We have killed 3 rattlesnakes, 1 coral snake (all much to CLOSE to the house to be allowed to live), and had several water moccasin sightings. Ack! I am terrified every time I let the dog go out to use the bathroom, and forget walking around in the yard myself!

Because, I have. no. life.

But if you're moving into our beloved state capitol, I suspect random outdoor nakedness remains an option. A requirement in some settings, I suspect.

That's a lot of suspectin'. Oops.

Not missing the dead skunks on the commute in. A five dead-skunk commute is extra stinky.

Missing the horses in the backyard.

*huggles* Tell me all about your new place, when you get a chance!

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