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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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yes, it's one of those nights
children of dune - leto 1
You know, you get up, you continue the Packing of Your Life into Boxes (Christ, my Life needs a lot of boxes), you look up houses, hotels, and ferries, you sit down, and you expect to be entertained by svmadelyn. Does she entertain me? No. She *mocks my pain*. Also, she mocks me by watching Puppet Angel, which a.) okay, that was actually *real*? So didn't know that and b.) well, she mocks my pain. If by pain, you mean *boredom*, which I do.

Things That Confuse Me

Okay, here's the problem. Well, problem, by which I mean, was I high and didn't know it. I managed--and how this is even possible I have no idea--seven scenes which, when I wrote them, I swear were related together and formed this thing like the beginning of a story. I read them now, and I'm thinking, wow, I started seven separate stories and lined them up together. It's like a five things challenge gone horribly, horribly wrong. Then it took a nap in the middle of a jumper. My writing skill can only improve with the addition of a Robin Cook diet.

White sky! Black lightning!

Hmm. That might only make sense to someone who managed to plow through his goblin as people story. Which actually bore a creepy resemblance to King's The Ten O'Clock people, except smoking didn't cause you to see the monsters and it was so much longer, in that way bad sex stretches over infinity and you get a really bad cramp halfway through and start wondering about the stock market in the future. I always kind of wanted to see the entire thing in a word doc, then go through and remove that phrase, then three quarters of the weird adjectives, just to see if that improves it any. I mean, it can't hurt. It will also shorten it considerably.

Also, and okay, note this, because I will probably never say this again--but BSG is begining to depress me with the unrelenting darkness of being going on there. I mean, in a very addictive, entertaining sort of way, but you know, chasing SGA with that is a lot like sauna to ice lake. I'm all squee and pretty and awww and *cute*! and then there's, well, all the dirty and dark, and don't get me wrong, I love dirty and dark and love it even more with all the pretty, but seriously, if they can fit in it, one light hearted ep would be welcome here. Though their idea of light kind of scares me.

Acutally, weirdly, what comes to mind is Space: Above and Beyond, which was *so cool*, but also, depressing in the same general vein of, well, everyone is going to die, and they aren't going to enjoy it much either.

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No. She *mocks my pain*

Having sent an email to her today which actually said: "You know, people think you are nice? But you are *evil*" I can kind of understand where you're coming from *g*

okay, that was actually *real*? So didn't know that

Oh, hell, yeah. Real and so damn funny. (And creepy. The puppets using the real-person guy as a puppet was shockingly creepy and disturbing.)

The whole "I'm made of felt and my nose comes off" line was in there too. And Angel actually pulled his nose off to demonstrate, which makes it so amusing I can't tell you.

but you know, chasing SGA with that is a lot like sauna to ice lake.

Oh, dude, *don't*. I used to do the whole "watching SGA on the same day as BSG" and it just doesn't end well for your mind. They're such different shows (with different, um, quality levels) that the comparison doesn't help either of them.

Having said that, i so need to sit down and watch the Seige Pt 3.
*eyes list of things to do*
*eyes the episode in question*


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