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sleep fetish
diva 2
Went to visit Child's new school, and wow, that was an experience, kind of a cross between a post-apocalyptic place of elementary acadamia and a moldy locker room. I was impressed with the strips of ceiling missing, exposed air conditioning thingers (big silver worm things?), and even more so by the fact that the entire building--and this was a big multi-story building--had the distinct odor of wet socks and bread pudding. The gross kind, not the tasty-with-raisins kind. Let us pray they make it pretty before August 16th.

Even more cheerfully, there were happy little rows of temp buildings on one side of the main building, though really, using temp at this stage is kind of ingenuous, since they were kinda permanent and armed with their own central air each and porches. It was also pretty easy to get in, and no one bothered to question what I was doing wandering around fairly expensive equipment unattended. That's just weird.

Yeah, I'm feeling wary vibes here. I checked its rep, and it's not great, and also, whoo and hoo doggies, I'll be seeing a critical mass of clients at the PTA meetings, if I attended, which I don't, because that way lies high blood pressure and possibly me, imtating my mother, by calling everyone who disagrees with me small-minded idiots then storming gracefully out to play on the internet (or in Mom's case, crochet a new tablecloth. She's more of a classicist than I am).

I may need to start going. Surely I can manage to completely alienate a whole new group of people in under sixty seconds.

*rubs forehead* That's it for my maternal side. I pretty much burned out any *possibility* there will be more jenn-progeny by spending the last almost-week babysitting my niece, step-niece, and step-nephew along with Child, and the ages here are 3, 4, 7, and 8. Today, in a happy turn of events where I was actually excited to go to work, somehow, the menagerie managed to get Niece's leg stuck between the headboard and mattress of my bed.

Yeah, no idea how that happened.

They were discovered, by the by, soaping her down in hopes of *pulling her out*, and we're still unsure how she managed something that should, from my visual assessment, only be possible if she was hanging suspended from midair to get a good enough angle to get stuck like that. Amazing.

Seriously. Tubal ligation, right here. I'd do it myself with scissors and a sautering iron if i wasn't aware that, oh, I haven't slept in *twenty four hours*, and yes, it's because of them, and no, I don't want to talk about it, like, ever, except to say, a queen bed was never meant for four of the most talkative, active, frighteningly tactile sleepers in history and me, clinging to the edge of the mattress by my fingernails before spending teh rest of my night attempting to sleep on the couch and actualy watchng CBS from four until seven.

This of course, has clicked my insomnia into high gear for the second time this month, which means, I'm not getting sleep until my body just decides it's bored with the awareness thing. You know, when I was younger? I had to do eight hours. I mean, no ifs, ands, or buts. Eight hours somewhere and consecutive at that. Now sleep is like a fetish. I've spent quality time fantasizing about high thread count sheets, fluffy memory-foam pillows, and laying in bed in blissful unconsciousness. My new porn may be the Linens and Things catalogue, and that's just. So. Wrong.

Hmm. You know, reading this over? I sound just a tiny bit crazy. Hmm.

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Crazy is as crazy does. I'm nowhere near that kind of menagerie, but you don't sound unbalanced by it yet. And if you did? Shoot, I like it. *munches popcorn*
*realizes it's filthy microwave popcorn and not the real kind*
*lunges up to go make popcorn from scratch*
We all crazy.

*grins* Popcorn.

Okay, now I want Chinese and popcorn. This can't end well.

You don't sound crazy... anyone who's spent a significant amount of time with more than 3 kids under 10 knows exactly what you mean.

*breathes* they leave Saturday morning, I think. My sanity can stand up to it. Or at least, I can indulge in more theatrics in LJ. Hmm.

lol As soon as they leave, take a nap. You'll feel much, much better when you wake up.

Child's new school sounds charming. Maybe you should send him to school with a gas mask.

You sound pretty sane, considering.

I wonder which one would be more likely to have a sleep fetish: Lex or Clark?

I'm guessing Lex would be too intent on whatever to even notice he was missing sleep until he had time to sleep again. Probably Clark. He'd be flying around past his bedtime, pulling people out of the path of a volcano, and fetishizing flannel sheets.

Crazy has its upside. Trust me on this.

This would probably be a bad time to mention I know a girl personally who got mold on her brain from mold in the air conditioning vents, right?

It's all about seperating the kids into groups. Break up the herd. They're calmer that way. Of course, then you can't watch both groups at the same time...

except to say, a queen bed was never meant for four of the most talkative, active, frighteningly tactile sleepers in history and me, clinging to the edge of the mattress by my fingernails before spending teh rest of my night attempting to sleep on the couch and actualy watchng CBS from four until seven.

Ha! I so feel your pain. I never sleep as poorly as when my four year old nephew is spending the night. How a person *that small* can manage to take up an entire Queen sized bed, thereby exiling me to the floor, is beyond me. And then when I finally get to sleep at 4 AM, I'm awoken at 5:30 by his foot in my side as he sleeps innocently *on the floor next to me* It's like physics don't apply to little children in otherwise, big beds.

You're describing pretty much exactly the situation that cemented my conviction to never have kids, except I was 12 and the kids were not family and I was only babysitting for an evening at a time. I would empathize but I'd end up whimpering in the corner, so I'll just send you tons of supportive vibes and be in awe that you're as sane as you are under the circumstances.

As to the temp classrooms, my friend who is a teacher says those are the best. You get to control the temperature yourself (one of his rooms this year had only a heat vent while the other had only a cooling vent, so it was meat locker or hell), and the size and shape is quite reasonable (one of his rooms was L-shaped this year... I have no words on that one). PTA with clients could definitely be awkward, but alas if it's anything like my childhood school district, it's the pushy parents whose kids actually get an education. In retrospect, I feel like my mom should get an award for all the crazy Fun Fairs and PTA meetings and chaperoning and fundraisers and so forth that she put up with. Anyway, I'm crossing my fingers for the new school working out.

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