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she is so wise

issaro - I love her so much.

Well, says I, a drama whore is often mislabeled as Evil. This is because she/he likes to torture fictional characters, kill them off, break up their happy homes, and otherwise disrupt the perfect world of How It Should Be. And I admit I enjoy this. But the subtle distinction here is that if I were truely Evil, the crushing of the character would be enough for me. The wanton distruction would make my little Evil heart happy.

But a drama whore likes to create wanton destruction and then watch the characters rise above it.

See the difference?

Evil = Kill off Sim!Clark to watch Sim!Lex cry, break down, and die of a broken Sim Heart.

Drama Whore = Kill off Sim!Clark to watch Sim!Lex cry, break down, and almost die of a broken heart before CLONESim!Clark arrived to hug and kiss on mend his broken Sim Heart.

See? For a Drama Whore it's all about the happy ending. Kill, maim, torture, break up, do your worst. As long as there is a happy ending.

See? It's a *fine line*. As long as there is a happy ending? It's all good.

Back to maiming a character. But only a little. A minor aneurysm. A tiny bit of brain damage. Some vivisection. It's all *for the greater good*. You can see this, right?

What are your favorites in this category? I'm curious if I've missed any Big Fun.

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