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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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she is so wise
children of dune - leto 1
issaro - I love her so much.

Well, says I, a drama whore is often mislabeled as Evil. This is because she/he likes to torture fictional characters, kill them off, break up their happy homes, and otherwise disrupt the perfect world of How It Should Be. And I admit I enjoy this. But the subtle distinction here is that if I were truely Evil, the crushing of the character would be enough for me. The wanton distruction would make my little Evil heart happy.

But a drama whore likes to create wanton destruction and then watch the characters rise above it.

See the difference?

Evil = Kill off Sim!Clark to watch Sim!Lex cry, break down, and die of a broken Sim Heart.

Drama Whore = Kill off Sim!Clark to watch Sim!Lex cry, break down, and almost die of a broken heart before CLONESim!Clark arrived to hug and kiss on mend his broken Sim Heart.

See? For a Drama Whore it's all about the happy ending. Kill, maim, torture, break up, do your worst. As long as there is a happy ending.

See? It's a *fine line*. As long as there is a happy ending? It's all good.

Back to maiming a character. But only a little. A minor aneurysm. A tiny bit of brain damage. Some vivisection. It's all *for the greater good*. You can see this, right?

What are your favorites in this category? I'm curious if I've missed any Big Fun.


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It is a very fine line but we Drama Whores can walk it with ease. Look as the Drama Whore does a forward somersault while delicately maintaining the balance between angst brought on by brian aneurysms and love brought on by homocidial rage! Isn't she talented?!

You forgot Compartmental Syndrome, which granted, wouldn't work in SV as you need nonmutant humans, but I am still waiting for the John Sheppard stranded on an away mission and has to slice open the skin of his leg story.

One of my favorite authors is Lois McMaster Bujold who is quoted as saying -

"I have this thing for generating character-oriented plots, where you look at a character and say 'What's the worst thing I could do to this guy?' I've found that extremely fruitful."

I just finished re-reading "Witches Abroad" by Terry Pratchett. The thought of a happy ending makes me shudder. Like the wicked wolf said, "An ending? Please?"

Ah, but the catch is that the Witches Abroad "happy endings" were only happy for the wicked godmother, not for the people they were happening to.

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