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adventures with sugar
Everyone who was unfortunate enough to remember when I talked about how I unwittingly plunged my mother into halawa obsession--well, we got it to work. Not with sugar, oddly enough. Honey.

Alternate recipe requires honey and lemon. I have no idea how this occurs, except the smell is like some kind of cross between a slow death by sugar suffocation and desperation, the kind of desperation you feel when you realize your mother and sister plan on using you as the test subject for cooked honey.

Suffice to say, I shave everywhere that can be visible in a bathing suit on pretty much a daily basis, and let me tell you, me and my razor have reached that bonding stage where i can do calf to hip in thirty seconds flat braced against the bathroom door the second I come inside and realize I smell *burning sugary substance*. That's almost three feet per leg, yo. I have *skills*.

Wait, I should go back and explain.

Apparently, the sugar process is really, really, really delicate. Think puff pastry while standing on your head singing epic poetry. We did about six or seven trials with the sugar/water/lemon thing before Mom ran across the honey thing--expensive, but it allows a little more in the way of flexibility, and the second batch, the results were spilled out to cool and be used. And it *is* really intersting, in a 'wow, I have a lot more love for my razor than I knew, when the other option is ripping it out with this tiny golden ball of sugary sweetness' way. My sister volunteered and I was in another room, but the bloodcurdling scream of Friday the Thirteenth, the Hair Revolts, was someting to hear, and brought me in to see that yes, it works, and wow, it also *removes skin*.

Let me say this again. SKIN.

But worth it, despite the screaming--and y'all who have had children, yes, *that* kind, I'm so not kidding, but there were flashbacks to my labor-and-delivery that you would *not* believe--they got the job done and yes, six weeks, no hair growth. Whoo and fucking Hoo.

I immediately absconded to the bathroom and made eminently and thoroughly sure that there was no fucking way I could be chatted into doing that to myself. This continues. Electrolysis is looking good, and sadly, for once, it's not even my vanity speaking. This is *self-preservation*.

We will never discuss this again. There is a massive thing of sugar in the kitchen and my sister is hinting she's ready for another go this week.

I'm going to make cookies this week. A lot of cookies. Two ten bag pounds of sugar lot of cookies. Or hell, marzipan at this point. Whatever works.

*grits teeth*

ETA: fixed spelling of halawa so you, too, can consider the horrific ramifications

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I'm in New Braufels/Gruene through Thursday. *waves* from a little closer. :)

And oh -- Fucking OW. Yes. Use up all the sugar, and fast.

*waves from closer*

Also, *yes*. God yes. That sugar has got to go.

Oh yeah. Baking powder beware.

*shudders* Failure in this case will be a fate very much *like* death.

*dies and dies again* Oh. My god.

Yes, mourn with me. I am victimized and scared.

Seriously, yo. *Scared*. *shivers* All that sugar....

I have nothing but terror. I... went to get a Brazillian wax once. Because I'm thinking... "I am a strong woman and I can HANDLE this."

I walked in, heard a scream from one of the closed off rooms... and I am (almost) not ashamed to say that I fled like a banshee was on my ass.

I wax, with regular microwaveable beeswax.
I'm not saying it doesn't hurt, it does, the first time especially, after long periods of shaving more than others, but the longer you do it, the finer and easier to remove the hair grows. I only have to do my bikini area once a month and my armpits once every 2 or 3 weeks, I have very fine blond hair on my legs so I usually skip that. But it's not such and awful torture as you made the sugar thing sound. My word of advice, don't try it at home if you don't know what you're doing, go to the salon or spa or whatever and have it done by professionals first, then if you like the results and are familiar with the procedure try it at home.

*shivers* My high school Spanish teacher used to get waxed with black wax? In Peru. and used to say how fantastic it was.

I think it's that I'm an utter, utter coward. I *once* did a home wax and never, ever considered doing it again. Dear God, that hurt.

*pets you* Oh, you have my sympathy.

I've experimented with the whole wax thing *once*. It was messy, painful, and it worked, sure, but still. I don't care how annoying shaving is or how much it costs me to buy those razors with the white-shaving-stuff caked around the blade (all others, I cut myself with. I lack your mad skillz.), but I'm not trying waxing again.

Having said that, I tested it on one arm to see if less hair really grows back. It's true. Less does. (But now I have one arm slightly hairier than the other... *pulls face*)

*grins* Every girl needs one good skill. This is mine. Shaving *fast*.

Having said that, I tested it on one arm to see if less hair really grows back. It's true. Less does. (But now I have one arm slightly hairier than the other... *pulls face*)


Is sugaring more painful than waxing? I have my legs waxed and it really doesn't bother me at all. (but not my underarms, omg no! Most painful sensation ever!) And for me, it's much better because if I shave my legs itch *so badly* for about a month, basically until they need shaving again, and I scratch them to the point of scarring. Whereas I don't get that with waxing.

I'm sure you needed to know that.

Peppermint Creams. And Coconut Ice. And Kendal Mint Cake.

You know, I don't know. It's the same concept, really, and I have tried waxing, which also hurt like the dickens. Dickens, I tell you.

Peppermint Creams. And Coconut Ice. And Kendal Mint Cake.

MMmm. Food.

Waxing only hurts me the first time for each leg (the first strip?) and after that, not so much. I think it can depend on the person doing the waxing, I used to have it done at the local college which was mixed, but now I have it done professionally and there's no problem. My idea of hell (first level) would be having to do it myself!

Mmmm, food indeed. ::looks at waistline:: or maybe not!

Sugaring is immensely less painful than waxing, doesn't tear off half your skin like waxing does (just takes the loose stuff - brush with body brush and you get barely any) and what's really great? You miss hair in one patch with sugaring, there's no problem doing it again over that spot. Just remember to wipe off all the stickiness before you do.

I started sugaring my legs for a similar reason to you - the razor was causing so much itching. and rashes. (oddly, it doesn't on underarms) Tried waxing, screamed in pain and the fact that it left my skin raw. Tried sugaring as someone said it hurt less. They were right and my skin loves me.

Huh, weird, I get no skin issues with waxing and don't find it particularly painful (just the first strip (?), after that my body just seems to accept it.

Still, maybe I'll see if there's anywhere round here that does sugaring next time, have an experiment.

halawa? is that halava? the sesame candy? i can't get into that. i always wanted to, but i just can't do it.

Its' a heated sugar/lemon/water mix that does make a candy, but also a way to remove hair, similar to waxing.

Just out of curiosity, is this the same sister with the scary things in her closet?

I have a home wax kit sitting at home. I bought it years ago, but never used it...

Bake. Quickly. The new Kitchen Aid shiny needs exercise! *nod nod*

My coworker suggests iced tea (well. not in the mixer) and sugar cookies.

You could... make your own soda! That uses a lot of sugar. And you can play with those nifty CO2 cartridges. Heh. lots of fun, those.

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