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(no subject)
children of dune - leto 1
I'm not sure what was more frustrating--spoilers popping up everywhere that I couldn't read, or teh fact the mail took an *extra two hours* to come today and then it was wedged into the maibox so firmly it took me precious seconds of considering if I could gnaw through solid metal with my teeth to get it out.

I so could have. Chop-chop.

Anyway, only real reaction? Damn cool. That was very, very cool.

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I am assuming you are speaking of the new HP book... A friend was telling me that the mail man handed hers to her, he was afraid it would be stolen. LOL

I am not into HP, but I enjoy watching everyone react.

*grins* Tha'ts half my fun too. I mean, I love teh books, but the entire shared fandom experience of it? Just as much fun. I keep thinking I remember a time when reading used to be a *solitary* thing. Long past.

Yeah, that's the thing that really made me regret not going ahead and getting it the first weekend. The whole shared experience thing that JKR was going to such lengths to create and preserve. Next book I probably will, right down to going to the bookstore at midnight to get it...

I dont read HP, but maybe i will give it a try when you say its good.

It's a lot of fun. I admit, I wasn't too sure about it, but wow.

ok then, will give it a try (just try, I cannot promise) to get away from the clex (but the boys are so insistent!!! new stories from new authors kept nagging at me!!

and there is my other *friend*, who is trying to get me back to Palpatine/Anakin or Palpatine/Luke!!!! *grrrrrrrrrrrr*

I said, I would stay faithful and clex-only!!!!!! damn it.....

what did you think of the book?, was it good? I was really surprised by the ending. but it was soo good.

*nods enthusiastically* Extremely pleased. That really worked for me. All of it. Especially the end.

I know but I really liked Snape I've always been a HP/SS shipper and now... oh well too bad. And she killed Dumbledore just when I started to like him again, wow everything changed so no hogwarts in the next one then. hmm..

We don't know for sure that something won't come up in the beginning of the next book that makes Harry decide he needs to work from Hogwarts (or at least start out there) after all.

What!! That was a huge spoiler, I am only halfway through the book, Damn.
Sad now.

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