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The Toybox

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my mixer!
My Kitchen-Aid mixer came.

I can only compare this to a religious experience. One minute, it's a normal day, like any other, and then Revelation, in smooth white metal and seamlessly elegant design, with three attachments and a spatula meant for a better person than me. I reverently removed it from the box to gaze upon it's shiny, shiny exterior, imagining all the things I will be making with it. If I can ever bear to dirty its smooth shininess. Which may not happen. Cause wow.


I'll be over here, with my mixer. And my future cookies. And the hopes of a new generation. Religion. Something.

Did I mention the *shiny*?

*dies laughing* Funnily enough, I can picture this pretty much exactly.

And the mixer *wants* you to dirty it up. *soothes*

I think it wants her to make us cookies.

OMG you have your own KITCHEN-AID.

I can't tell you how often I've just... *molested* the ancient one my mom has.


Oh man. They last forever, they are pretty, and I resisted right up until amazon put them up for *half-price*. It was fate. Seriously so.

I'm pretty sure no one else will ever be allowed to touch it. Ever.

My mixer (see icon) was a gift from my mother-in-law. In butter yellow ("Majestic Yellow"), because she knew I loved it. You could've heard me squeal from the next county over.

It replaced the 30-yr-old KitchenAid that she'd gotten as a wedding present when she married nlanza's father. I gave it to one of my younger sisters. It is still going strong.

Those things freakin' LAST.

It's *fantastic*. That sucker will *beat egg whites*, nad I"ve burned out mixers tryingto do multiple merengues. So. Yes. I love this thing.

Scientology has nothing on the cult of Kitchen-Aid. Good thing you didn't post pix!

*clutches mixer* Speak respectfully of the shiny.

For some reason, Kelis popped in my head...My [mixer] brings all the boys to the yard

It's late or something :|

You sound like quiet000001. *snerk* Did I hear about that damned mixer for months on end.

It's an *icon* of a civilization that values form folowing function and egg whites and kneading bread.

I have one and I revere it as much as you do yours. I find even cleaning the magnificent thing to be orgasmic in nearly every sense of the word. I worship mine.

*sighs dreamily* Mixer. My wonderful mixer. Yes. It is all that is good and pure.

Oh my god, mine is black and sleek and science fictiony and I love it SO MUCH.

I make the best bread in it, and pizza dough, and cookies and other goodness, and I don't mess up my poor carpal tunnely hands, and it is JUST THE BEST. YAY.

And it cleans up beautifully, so don't be afraid! Well, unless your bread climbs the dough hook into the spring. That is messy. But it still pretty much cleans up.

Pizza dough? Oh *damn* yes, i've been wanting to for years, but the kneading alone, could not face.

*happy place*

:) I love how you describe your new mixer. Yep, am always very reluctant using a brand new stuff, because it’s still new and *shiny*

I'm scared to desanctify it, to be honest.

You're going to have such a good time! I have never once regretted buying mine, even though it was one of the most expensivbe things I ever bought in my life.

this is definitely the most expensive thing I've bought for the kitchen. but yes, so very worth it.

If you use the mixer, you get to polish it back to shininess. While burning incense and scattering rose petals around it. *g*

True. *nod* Very true.

*loves it from afar, which is only two rooms away* My Shiny.

Shiny is definitely good. As are cookies. :-)

Cookies? Are my friend, definitely.

You are so cute. :admires the shiny:

*grins* I love my mixer so much.

Now you know why I refer to them as "a religious experience of a mixer."

Sometimes, i got to the kitchen section of Linens 'N Things just to stadn in front of them in awe.

That store induces in me the most domestic lust of anywhere I've gone. The *sheets*. The cookware. The silverware. The--everything. I love that store. I want to *live* in that store.


This message is to Jenn, and I just wanted to say "make your cookies, oh yes! make your cookies, you've earned them!- Mario

*waves back*

Who are you? As not many come post here anonymously.

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