Seperis (seperis) wrote,

madelyn tells me things

svmadelyn waxes lyrical on the call of strangefic.

svmadelyn: but this story gets more and more odd as I progress.
svmadelyn: *waits for stripper donkeys or something*
Jenn: Stripper. Donkeys.
Jenn: You did not just say that.
svmadelyn: it could happen.
svmadelyn: this story makes me believe anything could.
Jenn: You. Did. Not. Just. Say. That.
svmadelyn: It. Could. Happen.
svmadelyn: See--sometimes?
svmadelyn: a story reaches this--plateau.
svmadelyn: where anything and everything is equally plausible
svmadelyn: because it's like the author wrote down one thousand random words and cut them up and put them in a jar
svmadelyn: and is like, ooh, let us combine--windex! andddddddd monkeys! Somehow! Or--oooh, strippers! and....donkeys! hmm. that's a little out there. *draws again* PROSTITUTE DONKEYS AND MONKEYS HERE WE GO.
Jenn: *giggling too hard*
Jenn: Oh God.

There is inspiration, and there are challenges, and then there is the Random Jar of Plot Complications. Okay, just from curiosity--anyone have their own Stripper Donkey story? Cause that, my friends, is worth gold.
Tags: chat, svmadelyn

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